We will ‘beat’ Dora-MMD

MMD spokesperson Raphael Nakacinda says the former ruling party will find a better candidate than former Petauke Central member of Parliament Dora Siliya who has decided to apply for adoption on Patriotic Front (PF) ticket to recontest her former seat.

But MMD youth national chairman Bowman Lusambo said no-one can stop Ms Siliya from re-contesting her seat on PF ticket.

Mr Nakacinda said even if Ms Siliya was gone, there were many people in Petauke who could represent the citizens in the constituency.

“It is not necessarily that she is alpha and omega insofar as having somebody to represent people of Petauke. There are many people who are capable in Petauke who can represent people maybe even better than Dora Siliya.

Mr Nakacinda however admitted that it was a big blow for the MMD to loss Ms Siliya not as politician but as a member whom the party fought for when she was dragged to court and stopped from re-contesting her seat.

“It is a big blow to us in as far as having her as symbol of injustice especially that she was stopped by the same party that she wants to stand on from representing the people of Petauke for two years.

“It is not necessarily that she is alpha and omega insofar as having somebody to represent people of Petauke. We consider her and many others who have been victimised by the PF as symbols we could use to fight against that injustice. On that score, it is a big blow but not necessarily a blow insofar as politics are concerned,” Mr Nakacinda said.

He said MMD expected that Ms Siliya was going to join the PF and apply for adoption to re-contest her seat because of her statement at a press briefing she recently held.

Ms Siliya said at the press briefing that there was no political party that had approached her to contest the Petauke seat.

Mr Nakacinda said Ms Siliya’s press briefing was a mere stage to show her political move and make known her decision.

But Mr Lusambo welcomed Ms Siliya’s move and wished her well in her future political endeavours.

He said Ms Siliya’s decision was welcome because she only decided to serve the country under the PF and that she did not commit anything wrong.

“Madam Dora’s decision is welcome for us because she has decided, herself, to change the team. For us youth of MMD, we want to wish her well in her future endeavours and we will meet in political arena because there is nothing wrong she has done apart from deciding to apply on the PF ticket so that she can be adopted on that ticket,” Mr Lusambo said.

He said in an interview in Lusaka yesterday that people should just wish her well and encourage her to add value towards developing the nation and help improving living standards of the people.

“If madam Siliya feels that she can deliver the service to the people on the PF ticket, there is no one who can stand in her way apart from wishing her well and make sure that she concentrate on developing or adding value to the development of this nation and make sure that she uplift the living standards of the people of Zambia and the people of Petauke Central,” he said

Mr Lusambo said politics was about personal contributing towards the development of the nation and to serve to the people.

He said Ms Siliya has made personal decision to apply for adoption on the PF ticket stating that the people of Zambia need service from their leaders who have made themselves available.

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One Response to “We will ‘beat’ Dora-MMD”

  1. Mwansa Kabinga says:

    We can read a hail storm of total confusion in MMD. We wonder what magic they will flash out to perform better than they did in the January 2015 election. MMD will pay highly under the leadership of their oscillating political clergyman.


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