Kambwili doubts UPND constitution demos

CHIEF Government Spokesperson Chishimba Kambwili says the UPND has no capacity to organise a countrywide demonstrations against Government’s decision to table before Parliament clauses in the draft constitution that do not require a referendum.

 Mr Kambwili said as much as it was their constitutional right to demonstrate, the UPND would fail to do so because it had no support of the people and it lacks a national character.

He said in an interview in Lusaka yesterday that the mode adopted by Government was the best and had the support of the people and that when the UPND fails to attract people, it  would be proof that they were not a factor in Zambian politics.

“Let them go ahead and see if they will have the support of the people. The people have indicated that our mode is the best of having the referendum on bill of rights and amend those clauses that are not contentious and which do not need a referendum.

“I can only wish them well, but I can tell you that nobody, no reasonable Zambians will join them, only their tribal clique will follow them. They can only manage those demonstrations in Southern Province, they will not manage in any part of Zambia.

“UPND is not a factor, it is not a national party, UPND is a party for Southern Province and I can challenge them to go ahead and they will see that they only have people from Southern Province who support them. No other province will support them,” he said.

Mr Kambwili said the UPND has run out of ideas and only wanted to be heard even whether there was no issue.

He said few days ago, the UPND backpedalled on its announcement that they would strip President Edgar Lungu’s immunity when he leaves office but when they realised that it did not get well with the people they rescinded their decision.

“Just two days ago they said they will remove President Edgar Lungu’s immunity when he leaves office. When they realised that it is did not augur well with the people of Zambia, they sent Edwin Lifwekelo to re-issue a statement that it was a personal position of Douglas Siyakalima.

“It is because the people of Eastern Province said they will not vote for HH because he wants to arrest them. So, they felt that it has boomeranged and they backtracked,” he said.

Mr Kambwili charged that the UPND would backtrack on their decision.

He said Patriotic Front and Government have heard enough rhetoric from the UPND and would not waste time on the opposition political party.


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