MMD pleads with PF over Dora

THE MMD is not fighting with the Patriotic Front (PF) over the candidature of former Petauke member of Parliament (MP) Dora Siliya because she is still a member of the former ruling party,  spokesperson Raphael Nakachinda has said.

Mr. Nakachinda said he was persuaded to speak out in order to clarify the impression being created that there was a battle over Ms. Siliya between the PF and the MMD ahead of the Petauke parliamentary by-election.

“I think as MMD, we would like to clarify the unfortunate impression being created that we are fighting for former Petauke Member of Parliament Dora Siliya with the Patriotic Front. As an individual, she will choose which ticket to re-contest her seat on. She is a bonafide member of the MMD and we only expect her to re-contest her seat on our party ticket in the forthcoming by-election. It is important to let the people know that in this political discourse, we should go beyond personalities. We are not fighting with the PF because Ms. Siliya is an MMD member and according to National Executive Committee resolutions, all those who had their seats nullified by the courts of law would be given an opportunity to re-contest,” said Mr. Nakachinda.

He said the MMD wanted Ms. Siliya to contest on the party ticket because they believed that the petitions which were instigated by former PF Secretary General Wynter Kabimba were an assault to the democratic governance of the country.

“We would be happy if Dora Siliya stood on the MMD ticket on the basis that we believe the electoral petition that the PF pushed into our courts in 2011 which were close to 55 under then secretary general Wynter Kabimba was a betrayal to democracy and the people of Zambia,” Mr Nakachinda said

Mr. Nakachinda said for Ms. Siliya to decide to contest on any other political party which did not fight for her injustices, her action would defeat the very purpose she was elected for by the people of Petauke.

He said Ms. Siliya if she believed that the judiciary was abused by the PF when the ruling party petitioned more than 55 seats in manuevours to stop her from standing, she would be able to make a conscious decision and use the MMD as the vehicle to return to Parliament.

He said time had come for Ms Siliya to demonstrate that there were injustices in the petitioning of her seat by the PF and should therefore not give them cghance of winning the seat re-contesting it on the ruling party ticket.

Mr. Nakachinda said asking Ms. Siliya to contest on the MMD ticket did not mean that the party did not have people who could contest in Petauke.

And Mr. Nakachinda has demanded that the PF should support the MMD in Petauke if they wanted to see the working relationship they proposed to work recalling that the MMD supported the ruling party in the just ended parliamentary by-elections.

“The PF have proposed to work with us and in the just ended parliamentary by-election we supported them by allowing them to get our MPs in Mr. Kapembwa Simbao and Michael Katambo. We feel it is only proper that this time around they should support us by allowing us field Ms Siliya in the Petauke by-election,” said Mr. Nakachinda.

He said the PF should use the by-election as platform cement the working relationship they have proposed with the MMD.


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One Response to “MMD pleads with PF over Dora”

  1. Mwansa Kabinga says:

    The MMd need to invest in some sort of soul searching on Dorah Siliya. What political wisdom prompted Nevers Mumba’s MMD when this party went on rampage to disparage most senior members of the MMD who held different opinions from Nevers Mumba. The clique under Mumba had a field day insulting Kaingu, Kabinga Mpande, Mulusa and Dora in their quest to prop up their personal agenda.

    As for Dorah, she can use these trying and challenging times to re-contest her Parliamentary Seat in Petauke as an Independent candidate. The people of Petauke and other well-wishers will support her candidency whole heartedly


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