Hikaumba advises workers over Facebook

THE labour movement should admonish workers using Government working time to socialize on facebook at the expense of service delivery but has called for suggestions how best to social-networking  among workers during working hours, former Zambia Congress of Trade Unions (ZCTU) president Leonard Hikaumba has said.

Reacting to President Edgar Lungu’s concern to civil servants who spend time social-networking during working hours at the expense of service delivery, Mr Hikaumba advised workers to give priority to their jobs.

He said there was need to revise the regulations because the current regulations do not have anything about the vice at work places.

Mr Hikaumba told the Daily Nation in an interview yesterday that social networking during working hours affected productivity at any working place.

‘’The unions must come up with suggestions among their general membership to educate them about dangers of dedicating time to social networking at the expense of service delivery. Productivity is heavily affected by this vice hence concerted efforts must be put together if it is to be fought successfully,’’ he said. He said that social network was a new phenomenon in the country and therefore it was important to update regulations so that punitive measures for offenders are captured.

Mr Hikaumba said extensive liaising with unions in the country could be the best option so that workers are educated before deciding to dismiss them.

‘’Unions can educate their membership on the importance of service delivery. I do not think that dismissing them at this stage is the best approach because this is a new phenomenon which needs to be dealt with in a certain way,’’ he said. He castigated workers from both the private and public institutions who devoted their time on social networking at the expense of service delivery. He said the vice had implications on the economy of the country because it affected productivity. Mr Hikaumba implored workers to do private activities outside working hours to ensure that there is no clash with duties assigned to them. ‘’Workers must do their other activities outside working hours so that there is no clash with duties they are assigned to do at their work places. This is a vice affecting both the private and public institutions and we need to stamp it out,’’ he said. Last week President Lungu warned that Government will dismiss civil servants who spend time social networking at the expense of service delivery.

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One Response to “Hikaumba advises workers over Facebook”

  1. Geoff Chipota says:

    There is only one effective way to stamp out facebooking during office hours. Remove access to Facebook from the internet service provided by the employer. We can go further and remove access to all websites that have nothing to do with one’s work. For example why should we allow access to UEFA site for workers in the ministry of mines? IT gurus can fix this easily!


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