MMD demands ACC chief’s dismissal

MMD youths have called for the dismissal of Anti-Corruption Commission (ACC) director general Roswin Wandi for alleged abuse of office and for working with people undermining President Edgar Lungu’s leadership.

MMD national youth secretary Bowman Lusambo said yesterday that President Lungu should fire Ms Wandi.

Mr. Lusambo said it was clear now that Ms. Wandi was not on top of things at the ACC for grave offences taking place at the institution including  the secret letter she authored to the President  being leaked to the Post Newspapers.

Last week, Ms Wandi wrote a letter to President Lungu on corruption allegations against special assistant for politics Kaizer Zulu who was accused of soliciting US$1,000,000 and actually receiving US$200,000.

The letter was however published in the Post newspaper the day after it was delivered to State House.

“Following the decision by the Anti-Corruption Commission to clear President Edgar Lungu’s Special assistant for politics Kaizer Zulu of all corruption allegations leveled against him, we now wish to make an earnest appeal to President Lungu to immediately relieve ACC director general Rosewin Wandi of her duties.

“We make this appeal in the interest of the nation with the intention to save the fight against corruption from being hijacked by members of the cartel. Ms. Wandi should leave the ACC. Her continued stay in office will undermine the fight against corruption and erode the gains that the country has made in bringing down the scourge,” Mr. Lusambo said.

He said the position of director general for Ms. Wandi was no longer tenable and compromised her position at the helm of the institution.

“From the manner the ACC handled Mr Zulu’s much publicized investigation, we feel her position at the ACC is no longer tenable. The number of leakages of confidential correspondence between the Commission and State House is alarming and brings into question the levels of integrity in the people entrusted to run such a sensitive institution,” said Mr. Lusambo.

Mr. Lusambo said it was only fair for President Lungu to act to save the integrity of the institution.

“We have come to draw a few conclusions about the manner in which Ms Wandi’s Commission managed Mr Zulu’s investigations. Firstly, we feel she was under undue pressure from some members of the cartel to proceed in the manner she did.

Secondly, the people that instigated the ill-conceived investigation were mainly interested in embarrassing President Lungu by linking him to the allegations,” he said.

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