Nchito, M’membe exposed


EMBATLED Director of Public Prosecutions (DPP) Mutembo Nchito begged civil rights activist Brebner Changala to write President Edgar Lungu to recant his letter demanding for a Tribunal.

The revelation is contained in a signed statement Mr. Changala has released. (Page 7)

Mr Changala, has revealed that Nchito last Thursday, invited him for a meeting at Intercontinental Hotel, but instead of meeting inside the hotel Nchito invited him into his tinted car.

According to Mr. Changala, Nchito produced dossiers about the issues before the Silungwe Tribunal and justified all the charges.

“At the end of the meeting which took more than two hours as at one stage we drove to new Kasama and back to Intercontinental, he asked me to write a letter to the President.  He then asked me to write to President Lungu to recant my demand for a Tribunal, but I told him that the state had taken over the matter and his best chance was to defend himself at the Tribunal.” He said.

Nchito, he said, revealed that some of the actions he took as DPP were not his decisions but instructions from other authorities, some of whom were not in Government but friends to the regime.

He also explained the nolle prosequis he granted to his associates, the debts contracted by defunct Zambian Airways, the Finance Bank Zambia limited saga and his relationship with Mr M’ membe, owner of the Post Newspaper.

Nchito, he said, begged him to withdraw his letter to the Head of State. And demand that the tribunal should be disbanded.

Soon after the meeting with Nchito, he got a press query from the Post newspaper which was asking him the same things he had discussed with the suspended DPP.

The story subsequently published was a misrepresentation of his response, “ I have been under siege and attack for things I did not say.” he said.

“The last few days have been characterized by Mr Nchito and Mr M’ membe of the Post Newspaper trying all sorts of tactics to try and avoid the tribunal. These range from trying to get sympathy from me, attempting to scandalize me, having surrogates try to intimidate me and even secretly setting up meetings to plead with me.  I realised how desperate Mr Nchito was when he requested for a clandestine meeting with me at which his aim was to plead with me to save him.

He narrated that Mr Nchito did not want to talk to him within the Intercontinental Hotel premises and offered that the two should take a drive around Lusaka while he explained his indiscriminate nolle prosequis, the debts of the defunct Zambian Airways and his relationship with Mr M’membe.

Mr Changala said he was disturbed when he learnt that Mr Nchito had approached him knowing that he (Changala) was a witness in the tribunal and wondered why Mr Nchito should not be charged for interfering with witnesses by secretly demanding to meet them in private places.



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