MMD youths uncover fertiliser scam


MMD youths have uncovered a scam in which some companies are selling underweight bags of fertiliser to unsuspecting farmers and have called upon relevant authorities to clamp down on such firms.

National youth secretary Bowman Lusambo made this revelation in a statement made available to the Daily Nation yesterday.

Mr Lusambo observed that it was sad that some unscrupulous firms were taking advantage of farmers and frustrating government’s efforts to improve the agriculture sector in the country, which is among sectors on which the aggregate economy hinged.

“We have received the news that some fertilizer companies in Zambia have been selling underweight bags of the commodity to unsuspecting farmers with serious concern. As MMD youths, we wish to urge Government through agencies such as the Zambia Weights and Measures Agency to clamp down on all firms and outlets selling underweight fertiliser in order to protect innocent farmers,” Mr. Lusambo said.

He said the MMD youths were gravely concerned by the development because they appreciated all the efforts that the PF Government had been making towards agricultural support through the input support programme and that selling underweight fertiliser undermined such efforts.

“We know that the future of Zambia is in agriculture and businesses that are frustrating Government’s efforts to diversify our economy from copper dependence to sustainable sectors such as agriculture and tourism should be condemned.

Our farmers toil for their produce and their interests should be safeguarded at all costs,” Mr Lusambo said.

He charged that the MMD youths suspected that these firms were in collusion with the opposition who were working hard to undermine Government’s efforts to develop the agriculture sector.

Mr Lusambo said the fertiliser scandal was aimed at turning the all-important farmer voting bloc against the PF Government in the 2016 general election.

He said MMD youths would remain vigilant and protect farmers from companies selling underweight bags of fertilizers because as consumers, they have the right to complain.

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