Ignore UPND, Kambwili tells workers


WORKERS must ignore calls by the opposition United Party for National Development (UPND) to boycott this year’s Labour Day celebrations because it has no control over them, Chief Government spokesperson Chishimba Kambwili has said.

Reacting to a press statement signed by Percy Chanda who is UPND chairperson for labour urging workers to shun celebrations, Mr Kambwili who is also Information Minister said this is not the first time the UPND was making such calls which have in the past flopped.

He accused the UPND of trying to attract attention by making reckless statements especially during national events that were not of a political nature.

Mr Kambwili said workers must ignore statements coming from parties that only represent certain regions which do not represent the interest of all Zambians.

“UPND are on record of inciting people not to participate in national events but this has always been an exercise in futility. They have no control over workers but they are busy trying to attract the attention of Zambians through reckless statements especially when we are having important events like Labour Day celebrations,” he said.

He said it was high time Zambians punished the UPND by ignoring them when they make statements that are aimed at dividing Zambians instead of bringing unity. The minister said people must reject manoeuvres advanced by parties that only represent one region.

“Zambians must reject manoeuvres by parties that represent only one region because they do not have the best interest of Zambians. We cannot allow individuals that are bent on disturbing Government programmes to tell people what to do when they have no control over anyone,” he said. He dared the UPND to go ahead with their planned boycott but assured the opposition political party of the shock of their lives because no single worker will heed their advice.  The UPND has urged all workers in the country to shun the Labour Day celebrations to be held on May 1.   Mr Chanda has urged all the workers countrywide to boycott this year’s Labour Day celebrations but instead to deliver a message to Government that change was needed.

“It’s a day when we cannot have business as usual but rather workers should air their grievances , make their demands to Government and send a powerful sign that change is needed,” reads part of the statement. Mr Chanda also said his party always stood for the people of Zambia and that the opposition political party was on record of denouncing the wage and employment freeze which the Patriotic Front (PF) had imposed on the Zambians.

He said Zambians must show stubbornness by way of not taking part in the Labour Day celebrations adding that Zambians cannot continue suffering because they are unable to have their salaries increased as well as get jobs in the name of the wage and employment freeze.

The UPND has condemned the continuous borrowing by the PF Government saying the ruling party might land Zambia into a ditch.

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One Response to “Ignore UPND, Kambwili tells workers”

  1. Bukwe says:

    Does Mr Kambwili remember all those years that Mr sata told people to boycott the same celebrations?
    How Mr sata in opposition refused to go to traditional ceremonies?
    Doe Kambwili think that regionalism is 3 provinces that refused to vote in majority of president lungu is not trying to promote that those provinces are not zambians?
    Already we have heard Kambwili has told znbc not to cover upnd in any news.
    We heard the president say that those who don’t like him can leave the country.
    He has insulted all cattle farmers because of his hate for southern province.
    Now Kambwili who everyone knows was moved around so many ministries for abusive out bursts of his tongue is now making another mess as government spokesperson.
    We have gone from MMD abuse of citizens to now abuse of citizens by patriotic front.
    Enough is enough and 2016 the people need to remove these people dividing the country by tribal and dictorial hatred of one party who they only beat by 1.6% of the who country’s vote.
    We need 50% plus one vote so the country can have a majority government.


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