Sex-starved wife commits adultery, gets divorced


A LOCAL Court in Lusaka has told a man who denied his wife conjugal rights for three years that he was the one  who  caused her to commit adultery with his friend.

Senior Court Magistrate Ganston Kalala sitting with Magistrate Mubukwanu Matakala at Chawama Local Court told Samuel Simasiku, 42, of Rhodes Park who was sued by his wife, Nsampa Chama ,35, of John Howard compound for divorce  after he wrote her a divorce letter that he was to blame.

The two got married in 2004 and have three childrren. Dowry was paid.

Chama told the court that all was well in marriage until November 2012 when her husband  started denying her sex.

She explained that in July 2014 he wanted to divorce her but he changed his mind.

Chama said in November 2014 when Simasiku found his friend in the house he told her that she was a prostitute for feeding his friend in his absence.

“Simasiku has troubled me for a long time. I even complained to his grandmother for  denying me my conjugal rights.

“At one time he claimed that I had bewitched him because he could not  perform well in bed and told me that he has another woman,”she said

Chama further told the court that Simasiku even stopped shaving her pubic hair.

On December 19, 2014 he wrote me a divorce letter after he read calls from Zamtel which I used to communicate with his friend,’’said Chama.

In cross-examination, Chama admitted that Simasiku found his friend in the house seated while she was cleaning a TV stand.

Asked by the court why she was communicating with Simasiku’s friend on phone, Chama said that they were communicating about her court case.

In defence, Simasiku said that on December 8,2014 he found his friend in the house after he came home unexpectedly.

He explained that Chama served his friend chips, eggs and a drink when he went to work hungry.

‘’When I asked Chama what my friend was doing in my house  she told me in the presence of my friend that she is not a prostitute, she even told my friend that I denied her sex for four years.

“ When the church elder asked Chama why she was calling my friend at awkward hours she said he was greeting the children and my friend said they were just exchanging greetings with Chama,’’ said Simasiku.

Asked by the Court the last time they made love, Simasiku said that they made love early December 2014.

In submission, Chama said that she wanted help because Simasiku chased her after giving her a divorce letter.

Simasiku said that he loved Chama but because of her behaviour he could not stay with her. Passing judgment, Magistrate Kalala said that Simasiku caused Chama to commit adultery with his friend because he denied her conjugal rights .

“ There was nothing she could do when her blood is still moving for she is young, so she opened to his friend,” said the magistrate.

He granted the couple divorce ordering Simasiku to compensate Chama K3000 by monthly installments of K250 and K300 per month for child maintenance. Property acquired together to be shared equally.

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