A LOCAL Court in Lusaka has ordered a 30-year-old Chawama woman to pay K4000 as compensation for calling her  neighbour a prostitute.

Senior Court Magistrate Mubukwanu Matakala sitting at Chawama Local Court ordered Ruth Mwale of old Chawama compound to compensate Priscah Maiba, 36, of the same compound for insulting her.

Maiba told Mr. Matakala sitting at Chawama Local Court that she does business by the roadside where they both sell chips with Mwale.

She explained that on April 6, at around 21.00 hours Mwale  who was drunk found her discussing  the council’s failure to empty waste bins with a friend.

Mwale approached her and challenged her to a fight after declaring that Maiba could not beat her even if she was fat.

“She slapped me and tore my top and said I was a fool and that was why my money  quickly got finished.

“She continued insulting me and called me  a prostitute and that I give birth to prostitutes. I lost my temper and I grabbed and beat her,” said Maiba.

Maiba’s witness, Alice Kapinda, 31, said that at the matetrial  date and time Mwale insulted Maiba by calling her a prostitute. She later tore Maiba’s top, accusing her further of  giving birth to prostitutes.

In defence, Mwale said that she was advising her sister to concentrate on business and thought Maiba went to fetch a waste a bin to throw at her working place.

She explained that when she asked Maiba why she was throwing papers everywhere, her friend got annoyed and called her a prostitute.

Mwale said later Maiba assaulted her and on April 7 she reported the matter to police but Maiba rushed to sue her for insults.

Mwale’s witness, an, 18-year old girl, said that on April 6, she saw Maiba throwing a bin at Mwale who is her  aunt and that when she asked  why, Maiba beat her and called her a prostitute.

In submission, Maiba said that she is married woman and Mwale embarrassed her for insulting and calling her a prostitute.

Passing judgment, Magistrate Matakala said that the statements of Maiba and her witness were consistent showing that Mwale insulted Maiba.

He said that Mwale’s witness said no insults exchanged indicating that she was hiding something and that Mwale did not challenge Maiba.

He ordered Mwale to compensate Maiba with K4000 by monthly installments of K200.

He said tha Mwale should learn a lesson and stop insulting people, adding that she should also stop drinking alcohol.

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