THE Patriotic Front (PF) Government cannot argue against the fact that in the last three years, its governance systems have been infiltrated resulting in leakages and revelations that have misled the country into sterile debates as was the case over the mineral tax debate where the Minister of Finance of Finance was accused of harbouring a personal interest when he sought advice from the President to resolve the problem expeditiously.

The result of that leakage is still being felt today with Government appearing to be suffering from policy indecisiveness. This would have been obviated if the discussions in Government had proceeded to their logical conclusion.

It is also difficult to comprehend how a letter marked secret to President Michael Sata then, on proposals to change the mineral royalty tax found itself in the media.

Mr Chikwanda has suffered embarrassment both at his office and at his residence through either intercepting his letters to the President or secretly recording his conversations.

It is sad that despite those secret information leakages, the Patriotic Front seems to be doing nothing to stop this sabotage.

What is worrying however is that despite this knowledge of spies and moles in their systems, no effort or rather, little effort is being made to weed out the plants.

It is disheartening that such secretive and seemingly secure institution as the Anti-Corruption Commission (ACC) and the Drug Enforcement Commission (DEC) which are State investigative agencies have their secret documents leaked to the media.

These institutions are recipients of all manner of information, allegations and indeed accusation that they are expected to investigate. Leaking such information has the danger of tarnishing and indeed destroying the image of people accused of wrong doing.

This all the more reprehensible when the ACC seemingly out of malice leaks a letter alleging the commencement of investigations from an online story who source is unknown.

It is criminal for any one and above all State institutions such as ACC and DEC to deliberately leak such document with the sole purpose of undermining the presidency.

This is the conclusion we draw when we look at the history of leakages of top secret documents in the Patriotic Front since forming Government in 2011.

It is downright malice to leak a report of a reported investigation, because the information could be wrong, fabricated or indeed plant for the sole purpose of the Government or Presidency.

What the ruling party does not understand is that those who held President Michael Sata hostage are not happy and are willing to do anything to make President Edgar Lungu’s tenure a living hell.

The allegiance of most operatives in Government is suspect as many were recruited for the specific purpose of entrenching and ensuring that certain individuals rose to power after the reign of President Sata.

The untimely departure of late President Sata has upset, albeit temporarily, their plans of taking power. They will thus do anything and everything to undermine the Government in order to remove the legitimacy of the current Government.

As a newspaper we love leakages because they give us scoops, but sometime with introspection and serious consideration it has become obvious that some of these “scoops” are nothing more than gossip intended to enlist our columns for destructive rather than constructive purposes.

The question that begs an answer is why is it that when there is secret information leakage, no security agency springs up to investigate the matters?

When some investigative wings are asked about this docility, they retort by asking for the complainant.

It is time that the Patriotic Front examined the role and place of investigative institutions which now seem intent to achieve political aims that are at total variance from national interests.

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