Kabimba, Nawakwi blasted

RAINBOW Party leader Wynter Kabimba is a bitter person whose desire as a political leader is to strive to form government to fix perceived enemies he suspects forced him out of the Patriotic Front, Evangelical Youth Alliance international president Moses Lungu has said.

Meanwhile, MMD youth wing secretary Bowman Lusambo has charged that Forum for Democracy and Development president Edith  Nawakwi is being malicious against President Edgar Lungu to insinuate that the head of State was driving the country into a ditch.

In an interview with the Daily Nation yesterday, Reverend Lungu said Mr. Kabimba was unsellable to the people of Zambia because he habours hate for those he perceives to have forced him out of the PF.

He said the desire to fix his political opponents if elected Republican President next year could be seen in the way his colleagues at a named newspaper were trying by all means to sell him to the people of Zambia by suggesting that his political muscle had grown and was ready for presidential elections next year.

“What Mr. Kabimba should realise is that the people of Zambia don’t believe in him. His desire to fix other people perceived to have schemed his political downfall has made him irrelevant to the political landscape of Zambia ahead of next year’s elections,”  Rev. Lungu said.

Rev. Lungu said Zambians were not ready to change Government because the leadership of President Edgar Lungu had shown consistency and maturity in the manner he handled issues concerning national development and peace and unity.

He said those thinking that Mr. Kabimba could have been a better president should state what he could have done if he were elected head of State  when his legacy as PF secretary general was a bad one full of violence.

“We know Kabimba is a bitter man. Kabimba has no respect for the poor Zambians and those promoting him and his agenda should try by all means to explain to the people what change they have seen in him to be the best for Zambia’s top job next year,” said Rev. Lungu.

Meanwhile, Mr. Lusambo has said Ms. Nawakwi’s attacks on President Lungu were not in good taste as they lacked facts and solutions towards the problems the country was experiencing.

He wondered how Ms. Nawakwi as a political leader heading the (FDD) could sink so low to the extent of being used by what he called evil forces whose agenda was to fight the goodwill of the people of Zambia.

“As MMD youths, we have been compelled to respond to the continued attacks of President Lungu by FDD leader Edith Nawakwi. Madam Nawakwi has now launched another wild attack on President Lungu by alleging that the Head of State will drive the country into a ditch. We find these attacks distasteful and malicious because they are devoid of any facts and merely based on personal hatred and jealousy she has for President Lungu,” Mr. Lusambo said.

He said Ms. Nawakwi should realise that she has unknowingly been engaged by the Post to insult President Lungu and foster the hate agenda against the Head of State.

“It appears Madam Nawakwi is basking in the front page headlines offered to her by the Post newspapers without knowing that she is being used by the newspaper to drive its hatred agenda for President Lungu. This is a smear campaign aimed at dividing the nation,” Mr. Lusambo said.

He said Ms. Nawakwi should be the last person to blame President Lungu because most of the problems the country was going through emanates from the decisions she made when she was Minister of Finance.  Mr. Lusambo said Zambians have not forgotten how Ms. Nawakwi mishandled the Carlington maize order which many Zambians starve.

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