PF rubbishes tribal split reports


A DESPERATE campaign to divide the Patriotic Front (PF) on tribal lines has been launched to weaken the party in readiness for the 2016 presidential and general elections.

The campaign against the Bemba  PF secretary general by  “bogus” Ngoni-led rebels from the Eastern Province was the  major target which they  believe will sink the PF.

PF media and communications director Brian Hapunda said those involved in the  tribal campaign were nothing but an undisciplined group of individuals who were pushing an agenda of some opposition political party.

The campaign, he said, was using such tactics as suggesting that former President Rupiah Banda was running the country and that he woukld determine the candidates in the next election, was party of the very carefully orchestrated cam[paign which they hoped would annoy Bembas against Easterners.

“There is no room in this country for tribal politics. The PF is intact because the members  believe in what the party stands for regardless of  their tibes of origin and no amount of negative propaganda will divide them,” he said.

The party, he said, was  aware that there was a  group of disgruntled individuals sponsoring a tribal campaign against selected leaders of the ruling party and has warned that those involved should know that the party in Government was for all tribes in Zambia.

The ruling party said all appointments that were being made were on merit and warned that any tribal positioning would not be tolerated because the PF was just healing itself after it suffered difficult times during the transition period following the death of president Michael Sata.

Commenting on media reports that some PF youths in Eastern Province were calling for the resignation of Mr Chama from his position, Mr Hapunda said the ruling party was organized and not tolerate truancy and delinquency among its members.

He said if the said youths had grievances in the manner the party was being administered, they should have followed the correct procedure of advancing their concerns and not to use some discredited media houses whose agenda was to promote disunity in the party by pushing tribal campaigns.

Mr Hapunda said the ruling party would not accept that certain positions should be reserved for particular regions because President Edgar Lungu as head of the PF had been a leading campaigner against regionalism.

And Mr Hapunda said the electoral hat trick scored in the Tuesday parliamentary by-elections was a sign that Zambians had widely accepted President Lungu and his style of governing the country.

He said the PF was happy that Zambians had rejected politics of hatred, malice and slander by voting for the ruling party’s candidates in Chawama, Masaiti and Senga Hill constituencies “Zambians have punished the opposition because their campaigns were based on personal attacks. Politics is not about pursuing personal vendetta but serving the people and Zambians have accepted President Lungu because of his developmental message he was taking to the electorate. So let the opposition continue insulting us and our President because each time they are doing so, they are making the Head of State more popular,” Mr Hapunda said.

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