Stop disrespecting Lungu – Mususu


STOP insulting President Edgar Lungu, former Evangelical Fellowship of Zambia executive director Bishop Paul Mususu has demanded.

In an interview yesterday, Bishop Mususu expressed concern about the growing tendency of insulting President Lungu by some named newspapers and their allies.

He said such conduct had the potential to destabilise the nation, adding that the international community was laughing at Zambians for lack of respect for their President.

“Insults are not helpful and the people in the diaspora are laughing at us. People abroad are laughing at us. They are saying that we don’t respect our leadership,” said Bishop Mususu.

He said politicians and those used to insult President Lungu over nothing should tone down and control their language.

“Those not controlling their language should be censured.  Insults cannot produce desired results as it produces hate and reflects a bad picture about this country. As I told you, I was overseas few days ago and someone who is a missionary friend from Zimbabwe when he read the commentary from one of the print media, he just said to me Zambians you have a lot of freedom, you can even say these things to a President, in Zimbabwe you cannot say these things and expect to walk away freely.

“In general, I will say or put it that some of the print media seem to be promoting insults. If it has no effect on us as Zambians, it has an impact on those who would like to relate to us as a nation. We need to stop and tone down. It is not right that we say that Michael Sata used the same language and therefore it’s ok now. A wrong is a wrong and we should respect authority,” said Bishop Mususu.

He said the careless talk going on in the country was not inspiring at all, adding that Zambians should denounce those promoting such crude language.

“I know that there has been careless talk in our political circles where certain crude language is used by some politicians instead of being honourable. I think respect for other people is demanded,” he said.

Bishop Mususu said tradition demanded respect for elders, adding that in Christianity the Bible demands respect for the leadership.

He however said constructive criticism was welcome.

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One Response to “Stop disrespecting Lungu – Mususu”

  1. Mumbi Chama says:

    Ba Musus,
    Are you looking for work? Your president , is no match, no vision, will criticize , when we want to. He has no quality of a president.


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