I don’t seek riches-Lungu

I AM content with the material wealth I have and will not use the presidency to enrich myself but to serve Zambians who have given me the rare privilege to preside over the affairs of the country, President Edgar Lungu has said.

And Mafinga MMD member of Parliament Cathrine Namugala has joined the Patriotic Front (PF) campaigns in Senga Hill for the 14th April, 2015 parliamentary by-elections stating that the President Lungu had exhibited great wisdom for choosing to work with the opposition political parties.

Meanwhile, the President has announced that Senga Hill would soon be declared a district and that the planning and surveying is under way to avoid creating conflicts in the chiefdoms.

Addressing a rally in in Senga Hill to drum up support for Patriotic Front (PF) parliamentary candidate Kapembwa Simbao yesterday, President Lungu said he had respect for the country’s purse and would not use his position to disadvantage Zambians and that some of the political leaders in the opposition were making noise about his leadership because they had nothing to offer.

The President said some politicians were seeking political office so that they could use public resources to enrich themselves at the expense of Zambians.

He said the foreign trips such as the one to China were meant to attract investors and source money for the development of the country and vowed that he would continue to travel to other countries because he had pledged to the Zambians that he was going to be a working President. He explained that it was unfair that all economically and socially good things were by-passing many rural communities to urban regions where only the selected and privileged few were benefiting.

“Let me tell you that I got into public office serve and not to benefit. I am materially content with what I have and I will not use my presidency to enrich myself at the expense of the majority Zambians who have given me the privilege to preside over national matters. I know that there are some politicians whose desire is to come into Government so that they could abuse public resources to make themselves comfortable while you remain suffering,” President Lungu said

President Lungu said the PF and the MMD were working together and that it was only fair Mr Simbao was allowed to continue his term under the ruling party.

He said Mr Simbao had demonstrated that he was a hard-working representative and that Senga Hill started lagging behind in development because its MP had over the last three years been shuttling between his home and the courts of law until his seat was nullified.

President Lungu also announced that the PF would soon embark on holing elections at all levels of the party so that the ruling party could become more refined in its strategies of winning the 2016 general elections.

And Mafinga MMD member of Parliament Cathrine Namugala has joined the PF campaign team in Senga Hills and pleaded with the electorate to vote for Mr Simbao to cement the relationship between the ruling party and the former ruling party.

Ms Namugala said voting for the UPND would be wasting the vote and frustrating development in the area because the opposition would not do anything for the people.


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One Response to “I don’t seek riches-Lungu”

  1. FuManchu says:

    This is where Zambian politics confuse me when listening to and/or reading what the campaigners say to the electorate! Simbao was found wanting by the courts that is to say he had used unconstitutional means to win the election that got nullified and yet he is readopted and the filth swept under the carpet! He is touted a saint! Then comes Namugala with her Simbao against UPND and not Yambayamba! Doesn’t give the electorate analytical guidance as to who the better candidate between Simbao and Yambayamba in deciding their choice. Like Kaingu Namugala is repositioning for re-adoption for contesting Mafinga! Okay PF working with MMD yet MP’s are jumping ship from MMD to PF its normal but should MMD MP’s jump ship and join UPND the latter is accused of destroying MMD! Isn’t PF in this case decimating MMD or unofficially the process of two parties amalgamating has just begun! Phew! Immature politics in a literacy deficient nation.


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