Cartel still fighting Lungu-PF


THE cartel that has over the years been thriving on holding Presidents captives and acting like surrogates to State power is panicking that President Edgar Lungu has decided to be his own man of by curtailing their insidious and clandestine activities in the governance system of the country, the Patriotic Front (PF) has said.

PF media and publicity committee vice chairperson Sunday Chanda said the cartel had been hunting for means of how they could make President Lungu submit to their evil schemes of propagating hatred against innocent citizens and injuring them in the process.

Mr Chanda said former president Michael Sata’s legacy which  the cartel was using to attack President Lungu was despised by the same clique because their agenda was to propel their own chosen successor to the presidency.

Mr Chanda said former president Sata was never a vindictive man and the cartel enjoyed State power and abused the friendship and went on to persecute many Zambians they thought were threats to their selfish interests.

He said Zambians were happy that President Lungu had remained his own man and refused to protect the miscued interests of the cartel that had abused and demonized many Zambians, some of them to their graves.

He stated that President Lungu would not be blackmailed and that the ruling party would continue fighting the cartel because Zambia was bigger than a selected group of individuals who had used their privilege of being friends of presidents to accumulate undeserved wealth which they were using to propagate hatred against the Head of State.

“Zambians are aware that there are elements in the country belonging to a group called the cartel which has over the years been thriving on holding presidents captive but have found it difficult to hold President Lungu hostage because he has remained his own man. The cartel has been scheming on how to make President Lungu submit to them so that they could have their selfish interest protected while injuring innocent citizens. They are doing so in the name of respecting president Sata’s legacy. Mr Chanda said Zambians should never allow self-styled individuals into public offices because their agenda of self-enrichment had turned the fight against corruption into a witch-hunt only targeted at those in leadership.

He said it was unfortunate that some opposition political party leaders had traded their political souls to the cartel in exchange for media coverage adding that the PF was happy that President Lungu had stopped the cartel from auctioning Zambia.

Mr Chanda said when Mr Sata became president, his vision was clear and he never wanted to turn the PF into a vehicle for witch-hunt and that those who were crying out loud that president Sata’s legacy had been abandoned were nothing but political demagogues.

“Today’s (yesterday) editorial of the Post News paper which has attacked President Lungu over the PF vision has failed to pass the morality test. The Post Newspaper has no moral to question the length and depth of President Lungu’s commitment and dedication to follow the vision of the PF. President Lungu and the PF shall not be dictated to by the Post Newspaper and its ally, the Rainbow Party. President Sata did not form the PF to subject it to a personal vision but one that could outlive him,” Mr Chanda said.


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2 Responses to “Cartel still fighting Lungu-PF”

  1. Kapimpa Shilota says:

    Thumbs up to HE Lungu for managing to dodge one cartel!Its a pity he is held hostage by another;the one we voted against in 2011! Why is it that those that he petitioned for corruption like Simbao & Katambo are his friends?Is it that all the tax payers money spent means nothing?Why did PF petition in the first place?

  2. Mumbi Chama says:

    What does cartel mean?


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