The hour has come


It is futile to cast aspersions against the President for constituting a Tribunal against suspended Director of Public Prosecution Mutembo Nchito.

This exercise is long long overdue.

President Lungu is fulfilling his campaign promises to dismantle the cartel and win back billions of     kwacha stolen from public institutions by individuals who thought themselves above the law.

It is not President Edgar Lungu who inspired Mutembo Nchito to take over his own case in the Magistrate’s court and then enter a nolle prosequi for himself. The two actions represent the worst form of corruption, apart from being a direct abuse of the principles of natural justice.

No man can be a judge in his own case and indeed no man can be a judge in a matter in which he has an interest and yet Mutembo Nchito wanted to take over and prosecute, although more like enter a nolle, in a matter in which his business partner Fred M’membe has been dragged to court for contempt.

He must also justify the nolle he gave to the man he owed US$4.2million. Was this transaction kosher or was it tainted?

If the investigation finds any shortcoming, they will undoubtedly recommend prosecution in which case, Mutembo must stand in court and justify his actions. The veil of power will be removed just as he willingly and  happily removed the immunity and veil of authority from the Presidents that he  has so vigorously persecuted through courts of law.

It is all about abuse of power and authority.

The two cannot accept that things have changed. They are no longer above the law. They may have been under President Mwanawasa whom they hoodwinked with a promise to fight corruption and President Sata who was held hostage for the assistance they offered in winning the Presidency.

Dynamics have now changed. Edgar Lungu has the people of Zambia to thank for winning the elections and not the so called King makers who opposed him from start because they wanted their own man.

If truth were to be told Mutembo Nchito and Fred M’membe should have been charged with false misrepresentation, following the disgraceful manner in which they hounded out former DPP Mukelabai Mukelabai, to make room for their coup and takeover of the criminal justice system.

It is also the cruel and unconscionable manner in which they hounded out the former Chief Justice Mathew Ngulube that must be condemned. They accused him of soliciting and pocketing US$168,000 from late President Frederick Chiluba- proceeds from the infamous Zamtrop account.

Justice Ngulube could not defend himself in any reasonable manner because the Post Newspaper working in connivance with Mutembo made sure that they intimidated any dissenting voice and made sure that their propaganda prevailed.

However like all evil schemes, this has unraveled. Investigations have proved that Mr. Wathaba has always been an honourable man which cannot be said of his accusers.

The Tribunal must be seen as poetic natural justice for the wrongs committed against innocent people and as he prepared his bed, Mutembo must lie in it and answer the charges. It will not do to disparage the Tribunal because salvation only lies in vindicating himself by proving that he did not abuse his power in granting the nolles.

President Lungu is doing what President Sata should have done, if not for the “encumbrance” of captivity he suffered at the hand of the cartel which saw itself as the King maker. President Lungu has no such encumbrance.

Time wasting will not serve any purpose apart from annoying Zambians who want a speedy end to the abuse of political power which has characterized the decade in which the fraudulent campaign against corruption by the cartel has been used to amass power and wealth while subjecting hapless victims to calumny, innuendo and outright media blackmail.

It should always be remembered that lives have been lost as evil people presided over a malicious campaign of witch-hunting.

Undoubtedly the tribunal is but the beginning of the eventual dismantling of the cartel which has illegally usurped state power to exact the most untold abuses which are now bound to come to light through court actions and prosecutions.

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