Should FAZ engage a foreign coach for US25 000 a month?


Frank Malambo: My answer is NO. FAZ must help local coaches to mobilize a youthful team and arrange for serious competitions to enable the coach select a formidable team. Paying that amount to a foreign coach is a mockery to the Zambian coaches to say the least.


Bupe Banda: It’s a shame for FAZ to continue seeking the services of a foreign coach at the expense of local trainers. We have enough experienced and qualified local coaches. Unless they are trying to hide something from Zambians for seeking to engage a foreign trainer.


Winston Chola : FAZ & Govt must come to terms. The country can’t not afford to pay for a foreign coach  May FAZ emulate Nigeria. FAZ  should employ a local coach and it should NOT be Janza. We have experienced coaches who played competitive football and can groom the national team for international competitions. Problem we have, as a country, is  that we start looking for a coach when tournaments are just in front us. For instance, the Africa Cup 2015 qualifiers. Janza, as much as we require fresh young legs it was suicidal for him to go to the African Cup without legend old and experienced players. What was the result we were disgracefully booted out? Is this the coach we can re-engage?



Imboela Kapelwa:  A foreign coach is too expensive together with their assistants. We recently paid Dario Bonnet K3million after was wrongfully fired. We are yet to pay the other coach who is now an assistant to Herve. It is time we empowered our local coaches and give them enough time to build the team, like what South Africa has done. It is not guaranteed that the foreign coach will always be a success like we have had in the past. All in all FAZ should respect and give our local coaches the necessary support by not imposing players.



Emmanuel N Mwanikwa: I think Kalu has it wrong again. His administration failed to pay Dario and let go of Renard. Now they want to get rid of Janza for reasons best known to them! I think it is time to get real with the “Kalu Must Go”  campaign



Micah Junior Mutuba:  Zambia should learn from Nigeria who won the AfCON with a local coach. I can only advise FAZ  to encourage and motivate Janza for he is capable of doing the job. Janza being a Zambian he cannot demand that huge sum of money for a salary.



Nsofwa Francis: Nkana is struggling because of the so called local coaches. FAZ should employ a foreign coach. As for now, a Zambian coach is not ready.



Joe Banx: Awe. We have a lot of coaches with the ability two move Chipolopolo forwad like Lwandamina. Why engage a foreign coach?


Christopher Mpolomoka: Let them retain Janza and pay him half that money. He is a good coach.


Chilala Simwayuba: No! Why should FAZ do that? You want us to suffer? Look for a local coach. If you can’t find one, try me .


Mclin Hendz Nyirongo: We should go for a local coach. We have got a good number of them.


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One Response to “Should FAZ engage a foreign coach for US25 000 a month?”

  1. zuberi says:

    All people who have gone for a local coach have based their argument on money. Please know that, “QUALITY IS MONEY” the standard of football has gone down in Zambia due to bad coaches. If you want to improve soccer standards you must be prepared to pay. I have noted most Zambians
    accept shoddy surroundings & performance as normal state of affairs.

    Among the 30 top clubs in Africa, no Zambian club is appearing.
    Among the best monthly players in Africa, No Zambian player.

    What does these tell you compared to the yesteryears?


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