‘UPND has betrayed Zambians’


UPND has betrayed the people of Zambia over the suspended Director of Public Prosecutions (DPP) Mutembo Nchito and therefore cannot be trusted with the governance of the nation, expelled Lusaka Province MMD chairman Watson Mtonga has said.

Commenting on the change of position on Mr. Nchito by the UPND, Mr. Mtonga said it was shocking to the people of Zambia who thought UPND had proper cause to demand for the repayment of the Development Bank of Zambia (DBZ) K14 billion loan.

Mr. Mtonga said it was sad that UPND was just playing politics and looking for publicity.

“I am shocked that the UPND leadership has changed their position over Mr. Nchito. Today they think that Mr. Nchito is being victimized when the problems he has found himself in started with them. It was UPND who petitioned Government to have Mr. Nchito removed from office. It was UPND who protested on Lusaka’s Lagos Road and got battered by police.  I remember UPND members being arrested for protesting against Mr. Nchito,” he said.

Mr. Mtonga said the route the UPND had taken now was a clear testimony that they believed in nothing and could not be trusted with governmence institutions.

“At that time UPND thought we betrayed them for not participating in that protest. But we know UPND and we could not just trust them. They are a political party that rides on opportunities and when it turns or goes the other side, they easily change and support the unthinkable without shame just like they are now in support of Mr. Nchito,” he said.

Mr. Mtonga said Zambians should ask Forum for Development and Democracy (FDD) leader Edith Nawakwi and UNIP president Tilyenji Kaunda if they wanted to know the nature of UPND and its leadership over what happened in the UDA alliance and why it failed.

He said UPND had always wanted to ride on opportunities which in the end they have failed to manage because of lack of planning and lack of trust among themselves.

“The problem UPND is facing is that they don’t trust each other with the way they handle issues of governance in that party. You see today this one says this, tomorrow the other person issues a different statement. I have to caution UPND that Zambians are not fools, they have been following events in the country so closely and for them to think that the people of Zambia will buy into the Nchito saga so cheaply, is a lie,” he said.

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2 Responses to “‘UPND has betrayed Zambians’”

  1. Kapimpa Shilota says:

    I’m not a journalist by profession but know that when a decent journalist writes an article like this one a response must be gotten.What efforts did you make to get a response from UPND or they all have defected?

  2. zuberi says:

    I agree totally the UPND leadership has got it wrong on siding with Nchito. I think all the those leaders siding with Nchito are with an hidden agenda of decampaigning HH. Most Zambians who supported UPND are seriously asking themselves why Nchito has become a saint to some UPND leaders.


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