Chikwanda must recover DBZ, NAC loans


FINANCE Minister Alexander Chikwanda should not be discouraged by insulting editorials in the Post newspaper but go flat out and recover the millions of kwacha that they owe Zambians, the Patriotic Front has advised.

And All People’s Congress (APC) has warned that the kind of yellow journalism some media houses have embarked on had the potential of breeding anarchy.

The ruling party has said that the only crime Mr Chikwanda has committed was to try and recover millions of kwacha that the Post newspaper owes the people of Zambia so that he can use it for the development of the country.

PF media and public committee vice chairperson Sunday Chanda said yesterday that Mr Chikwanda was the darling of the Post newspaper before he made his intentions known about making people pay their taxes that they owe the Zambia Revenue Authority (ZRA).

Mr Chanda said the hatred against Mr Chikwanda was also as a result of the PF Government’s taking to the tribunal suspended Director of Public Prosecution Mutembo Nchito who is their ally.

“The attacks are not only immoral but also unjustified because the Finance Minister has done nothing wrong. The only crime Mr Chikwanda has committed is to try and recover the loans that the Post owes. But people can see through their hatred now,” he said.

Mr Chanda urged Mr Chikwanda to ensure that the loans from the Development Banda of Zambia and the money owed to the National Airports Corporation were recovered and used for the good of Zambians.

He said the economic shocks Zambia was experiencing was not Mr Chikwanda’s making as this was a global trend.

“Any Minister of Finance could have experienced what Mr Chikwanda is experiencing. Those are global indicators. The fall in the global copper prices and the appreciation of the US Dollar are global trends,” Mr Chanda said.

And APC president Nason Msoni said the drive by shoot journalism being practised by the Post Newspaper was not good for the current democratic dispensation.

“You cannot refer to an elderly man as a cockroach, just because their friend has been taken to a tribunal, that is unfair,” he said.

Mr Msoni reminded Zambia to go back to the Post editorial when Mr Nchito was arraigned before court in Chongwe and demanded that those who wanted him out should follow the law.

“They called for a tribunal as following the law but we now don’t know why they are opposed to the tribunal. It is strange that they want to choose how their friend should be investigated or tried,” he said.

Mr Msoni said the combative approach appears to be driven by bitterness arising out of the appointment of the tribunal.

He also said the vitriolic attack on Government was simply driven by sour grapes which should be ignored with the contempt it deserves.

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One Response to “Chikwanda must recover DBZ, NAC loans”

  1. zuberi says:

    Why is that, it’s only the POST Newspaper which is writing about the TRIBUNAL?


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