Violent PF cadres face boot


TROUBLEMAKERS have no room in the Patriotic Front and will soon be flushed out for denting the image of the party, secretary general Davis Chama has warned.

In an interview with the Daily Nation, Mr. Chama said the PF was not a violent party as portrayed by some people, warning that cadres who were acting in a violent manner would be dealt with accordingly.

Mr. Chama sounded the warning after some PF cadres in Livingstone exhibited unruly behaviour when the Vice-President Inonge Wina visited Southern Province early this week.

He said the PF was a disciplined party and would not allow some cadres to get overzealous and behave in a manner that discouraged people from joining the ruling party.

Mr. Chama warned that he would not hesitate to discipline such cadres, adding that all members have the duty to protect the party at all levels.

“It’s sad that some cadres are behaving in a manner which is not good to the party and the rest of the country because the picture it is painting suggest that there is violence in the party. I have to take this opportunity to warn all our party structures to avoid violence,” he said. Mr. Chama said the duty of the members was to mobilise the party and recruit new members instead of stopping or blocking people from joining the party.

He said the PF did not belong to few individuals, saying it was a party for the poor people and that everyone was free to joining at any time.

“Let all party structures take this as official, I will not allow unruly behavior in the party. What all members should be doing is to recruit and mobilise, actually genuine members of the PF should join his Excellency the President Edgar Chagwa Lungu in recruiting new membership for the party ahead of the election next year. Let’s not chase away people who have interest in joining the PF,” he said.

Mr. Chama also warned party officials creating parallel structures to stop forthwith and concentrate on building a united PF which would support the efforts of President Lungu.

He said there was no need to create divisions in the ruling party, adding that those who were fanning divisions risk being punished.

“Our members must realise that we have a lot of work to do to keep the presidency and the leadership of the country. We made so many promises to the people of Zambia who elected us into Government and therefore we need to fulfill those promises,” said Mr. Chama.

He said there was no time for PF to engage into violent conduct which had the potential to divide the party which has enjoyed support from the people of Zambia.

“And if we continue conducting ourselves in the manner being reported, we shall not inspire the electorates. So it is time we revised the way we do our politics by attracting new members and consolidating our old members around us. Let’s accommodate each other, let’s tolerate each other and move the party forward,” he said.

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