Kaingu denies tribal Allegations


EDUCATION Minister Michael Kaingu has refused to be dragged into what he calls dirty tribal talk because he is not a tribalist.

Dr. Kaingu said it was naïve for people to think that he was campaigning on tribal lines when he was merely asking people of Western Province to thank the President for “appointing their own daughter as the first Vice-President in the history of the country.

Dr. Kaingu wondered why some people were “too tribal and naïve” to the extent of seeing tribalism in whatever he said, adding that such schemes and thinking would not help the country to develop.

“I am not a tribalist at all and I have no apologies to make over that statement I made because I meant well for the people of Western Province.

“When the President appointed Ms. Inonge Wina as Vice President of the Republic of Zambia, the womenfolk celebrated saying a woman has been appointed to the second highest office in the land and nobody protested over that statement,” said Dr. Kaingu.

Dr, Kaingu said he found it naïve, childish and dangerous for some people without any sense to tag others tribal.

“Zambia is unique and I will not waste much of my time talking about these issues. I am aware of certain people who are jealousy of this Government and their interest is to see it fail. But I have to assure the people of Zambia that tribal talk will not take this country anywhere,” he said.

Dr. Kaingu also urged Zambians to see value in their tradition and culture, saying if that was what was being referred to as being tribal, then Zambia was a lucky country for having divergent traditions and culture.

He was not worried because certain individuals had failed to make an impact in politics and left it to the people of Zambia to judge him.

“It is shocking that some of the people fail to understand my meetings in Western Province. But I have to tell them that there is nothing worth being an enemy of your own people,

“ All Zambians belong to a particular tribe and according to tradition, there is need for the people of Western Province to show appreciation for having Madam Wina as Vice-President and that is not undermining the Lozi-speaking people at all,” said Dr, Kaingu.

Dr. Kaingu said even a child in a home says, “thank you dad for buying me a book. Is it a responsibility of a child to say thank you? Unless uncultured individuals will allow children walk away without saying thank you for dads effort.”

He has since appealed to the people of Zambia to remain united and support President Lungu’s effort in making Zambia a better place to live in.

“Don’t listen to prophets of doom whose agenda is to see evil for this country. This Government is committed to making Zambia a better place to live in. Not these people who think tribal, eat tribe, walk tribe, speak tribalism and they are by nature tribalists,” said Dr. Kaingu.


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