Zamtrop access was criminal-Changala

FDD Member Brebner Changala

FDD Member Brebner Changala

THOSE that sought access to the Zamtrop account are guilty of criminal conduct under the Zambia Security Intelligence Act and the Financial Charter because it has been established that they had ulterior motives, civil rights activist Brebner Changala has charged.

And Mr Changala said former Director of Public Prosecutions (DPP) Mukelabai Mukelbai was maliciously hounded out of office because he had objected to the proposed prosecution of prominent citizens who did not commit any offence and because he wanted to have full control of the DPP office.

In a document reflecting on the Zamtrop account matters, Mr Changala said the sovereignty of the country and its intelligence had been adversely affected by allowing access to the Zamtrop account by unauthorised people whose motive was to persecute and settle political scores against their imagined political foes.

He said the Zamtrop account was established under the special provisions enshrined in the Financial Charter which gave the account special protection over and above special status enjoyed by the Zambia Security Intelligence Service (ZSIS) but was erroneously exposed to the world under the guise of fighting corruption by the cartel.

Mr Changala stated that a group of individuals with an axe to grind against second President Frederick Chiluba conspired to bring him down under the guise of fighting corruption and managed to galvanise public support through nihilistic propaganda in the Post Newspaper against the former president.

He said the group managed to persuade former president Levy Mwanawasa to circumvent and allowed them access to the Zamtrop account instead of using the office of the Auditor General which had the mandate to investigate allegations of fraudulent transactions on the account.

Mr Changala said President Mwanawasa opened the doors to the secret ZSIS account, thereby betraying the country’s intelligence system and causing irreparable damage to the image of the intelligence system.

“By allowing access to the Zamtrop account to unauthorised persons, the sacred nature of the country’s intelligence system was severely undermined and the sovereignty of the country compromised. Those that sought access to the Zamtrop account could be guilty of criminal conduct under the Security Intelligence Act and the Financial Charter.

This was indefensible act of betrayal to the intelligence service and the nation at large which resulted in irreparable damage to the image of the nation’s intelligence system among its peers and friends,” Mr Changala said.

He explained that the group which accessed the Zamtrop account coerced former President Mwanawasa to establish a Task Force on Corruption and managed to fuse its operatives in the system with the single aim of usurping State power so that they could be the rulers behind the scene.

And Mr Changala said the same group that was behind the illegal access of the Zamtrop account orchestrated the removal of former DPP Mukelabai because he did not approve the prosecution of citizens that did not commit any offences. He said to restore justice, an official acknowledgment through the Attorney General should be made that what took place under the Task Force on Corruption was illegal and morally flawed. Mr Changala said former Vice-President George Kunda informed the nation through Parliament before he died that the Task Force on Corruption had deliberately misled Government and that it was important that the matter be followed to its logical conclusion to restore justice.

He stated that the cartel had committed a lot of injustices against many citizens and destroyed the careers and reputations of many Zambians while their livelihoods were destroyed. “No one should be allowed to victmise others with impunity and consider themselves above the law. An injustice has occurred affecting many people whose careers, reputations and livelihoods have been destroyed.  It is a moral imperative that their pleas for freedom are heard,” Mr Changala said.

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