Tribunal attacks


WE are not surprised that Mutembo Nchito is intent on scandalizing the Tribunal appointed by President Edgar Lungu to investigate his corrupt conduct.

By now Zambians should be familiar with the modus operandi of Mutembo Nchito and Fred M’membe. Lessons should have been learnt from the manner in which they treated our late Director of Public Prosecution Mukelabai Mukelabai, an innocent man who never the less suffered severe tribulation for things he did not do.

Mukelabai was among the many other people that  fell prey to the duo.

We can assure the nation that the  surreptitious  demand by Mutembo for Judges Ernest Sakala and Mathew Ngulube to recuse themselves is only the beginning of orchestrated drama which the nation and the tribunal must brace themselves for.

There is a very big difference between well meant bona fide submissions meant to assist in building a cause and malafides ones.

A malafides intention is one of  double mindedness or double heartedness  with an intentional purpose of misleading,  deception and  indeed deliberate distortion.

In the present case the secretary to the tribunal Mr. Mathew Zulu had cause to complain that the demand for the recusal of justices Sakala and Ngulube were being made outside the remit of the tribunal as no such request had been formally submitted.

Mr. Zulu was generous enough to suggest that the calls for recusal were premature.  The reality is that this was intentional, directed at derailing the exercise.

In the days to come the nation will be treated to all manner of trivialities for the purpose of derailing this very important exercise. The sideshows will assume even more drama in an effort to eclipse the real issues that are before the tribunal.

Once again personalities will dominate while the corruption being investigated will be given very little room.

This is intended to create a sideshow that will divert attention from the real issues before the Tribunal. Unless well handled these diversions will crowd out real issues and in no time the tribunal that is supposed to investigate will itself become the subject.

The intention is simple. Discredit and disparage the tribunal and the outcome will be totally discredited and of little or no value.

The appeal to emotions should not be underestimated and we are dealing with people with a track record of manipulating situations to suit their own interests.

Whereas some naïve people may mean well in demanding an open forum, it should be remembered that Mukelabai Mukelabai had no such opportunity.

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4 Responses to “Tribunal attacks”

  1. Mutale Chitapankwa says:

    Why does this guy think he owns Zambia alone? We all have a stake in this country. Nchito and Mmembe must pay for their sins now.

  2. Mwansa Kabinga says:

    Many well informed Zambians know that the consortium of Nchito-Mmembe & Co embarked on vicious attacks on Chief Justice Mathews Ngulube and later turned to spat their venom on Chief Justice Enerst Sakala. This was a sustained project to weaken the judiciary so that they could enjoy field days in the Courts of Law.

    Both Chief Justices Ngulube and Sakala preserved their professional status by not responding to the Cartel’s attacks on their persons. Besides, their hands and mouths were tied and gagged respectively. Furthermore, both former Chief Justices did not solicit for their inclusion to the membership on the Silungwe Tribunal.

    If Nchito & Co. can persuade us to believe that the former Chief Justices had expressed some hatred for them, let the Cartel provide detailed accounts to specific grounds for their apparent fears.

    We know that Mmembe & Nchito abused Sata’s humble education and intellectual deficiency to blackmail him into giving them a field day to harass innocent Zambian Citizens – and worse still, disrupt the administration of the Ministry of Justice.

    Since normality is being restored in Zambia, let Nchito & Mmembe Co. prove their legal prowess (expertise) at such constitutional platforms as the Tribunal and Courts of Law.

  3. Abraham Chanshi says:

    No room should be given to Mr. Nchito and no member of the tribunal should recuse themselves from this noble sitting. Nchito is not in court but under a tribunal – therefore with or without his presence the tribunal should make recommendations to the President – thereafter the police should move in to arrest him based on those recommendations.

  4. james tembo says:



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