Senseless massacre

The massacre of 147 students at Garissa University in Kenya is a moral outrage that is not only senseless but a clear reminder of the inhumanity that radicalism can spawn.

It should remind us a Christian country, professing liberal democracy that peace, stability and equanimity of purpose are nothing more than a social contract that can be very easily destabilized with very grave consequences.

All it takes is a few individuals, sufficiently radicalized to a create terror and thereby upset national equilibrium.

Many failed states took their unity for granted and chose to accentuate their differences, resulting in some of the most brutal and inhuman conflicts. They failed to nurse what brought them together and chose instead to accentuate elements that divided them. In Libya and many parts of the world different sects of the same religion have found cause for war in the minor differences.

In Kenya now, disparate issues have been combined to give logic to the slaughter that defies meaning. The truth is that radicalization supplants reason and most important of all preys on naivety, ignorance and gullibility.

At first glance  it would appear that this  was the work of radical Muslim militants who have professed to rid that part of Kenya of Christian “infidels”, but in reality outraged Muslims have already come out in droves to protest the killing of innocent students for a religious cause.

They feel concerned that religion is being used to promote a very narrow cause without regard to the repercussions.

To slaughter so many people in the name of religion in this holy of holy weeks of Easter runs totally counter to the very spirit of any religion which respects life and eschews any acts of inhumanity.

At the heart of any religion is love, empathy and forgiveness. These principles are at variance with what has happened in Kenya.

Obviously the assailants had no regard for the sanctity of life, not even their own because they wore suicide vests and did not expect to outlive the exercise. The fact that they were ready to destroy themselves shows a disregard of God’s creation.

Therefore the symbolism of separating Muslims from Christians whom they proceeded to execute invalidates any claim or appeal to divine influence because divinity is responsible for all life and creation whose destruction runs against religion.

The other justification that el Shabab is at war with Kenya is equally untenable because wars are fought between opposing parties and not against soft targets.

Besides Garissa is part of Kenya. The fact that most residents are of Somali appearance does not make it less part of Kenya. There is absolutely no prospect of the Kenyan government ceding this territory to any terrorist group.

Ultimately therefore the massacre was a senseless act of terrorism which will estrange rather than endear the El Shabab to the people of Kenya and Muslims who respect life.

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