SOME of our politicians have sunk to very low levels of intellectual depth following last January’s Presidential election which was won by President Edgar Lungu.

Of course, they never thought Edgar Lungu would win the Presidency and the very fact that he emerged victorious has defied their expectation and  has now made them desperate as a repeat of the same in next year’s elections looms.

So desperate are they that they are making totally nonsensical and incomprehensible statements in the hope of gaining ground to win  public favour.

They forget that the people of Zambia saw value in Edgar Lungu and elected him to high office. The opposition should make no mistake about the will of the people. There is a saying that the voice of the people is the voice of God ‘Vox popli Vox dei’.

But the opposition should make no mistake about who the masters are when it comes to election victories.

It is wrong to assume that the propaganda that they have embarked on can be sustained in the next 16 months without tangible political and economic explanations to the voters.

The power of electing political leaders is always in the hands of the electorate who are the masters and if they held anybody guilty of misinformation, they are the ones who decide the fate of a mischievous political leaders.

This is the reason why we are amazed that some of our opposition leaders have developed the mischievous talent of twisting every Government’s policy decision to gain some form of political mileage.

They want a head start in the campaigns for the 2016 general elections and so will stop at nothing in their quest to be heard.

We wonder what leaders such as Alliance for Democracy and Development Charles Milupi would like to see in the mining sector?

He wants President Lungu impeached for asking the Minister of Finance and Minister of Mines to resolve the mining tax impasse.

What kind of thinking is this?

The International Monetary Fund has supported Mr Lungu in his innovative and creative approach but Mr Milupi wants him impeached.

What kind of depravity is this?

What is so wrong with President Lungu directing his ministers to sit down with the mines to find an amicable solution to the problems dogging the mining sector?

We do not think we are off the mark to suspect that Mr Milupi’s desire is to see the collapse of the mining sector and thousands of miners losing jobs.

Of course, the motive is to have President Lungu to blame for the loss of the jobs as a sure way for the opposition to secure victory in next year’s election.

While UPND leader Hakainde Hichilema can be excused as he has most of his life been in the corporate world, Mr Milupi was a parliamentarian who knows how governance systems operate – that Government which includes Parliament can do what is in the best interest of the country.

Zambia may be undergoing some challenges, but it is not as some politicians would want to portray the country.

If that were the case, many of the political leaders would not be positioning themselves to become the next Head of State.

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