Pathological hatred


The savage and ferocious attack against former Chief Justice Matthew Ngulube who is a member of the Mutembo Nchito Tribunal must show Zambians the depth of pathological hatred that belies the so- called “anti-corruption” narrative.

The hatred and vitriol are not rational.

The late Director of Public Prosecutions Mukelabai Mukelabai must be turning in his grave by the self-righteousness, hypocrisy and delusional tones of the same people that concocted vicious and hideous lies that forced President Levy Mwanawasa to constitute a tribunal against him. He was vindicated but it was too late, the damage had been done.

He would have been the first person to wonder why Fred M’membe and Mutembo Nchito would want the tribunal to be  held in the open when his tribunal was held in camera, ostensibly to protect witnesses and ensure the confidentiality of some sensitive  information.

He was one man who single-handedly faced daily editorial attacks from Fred M’membe’s Post Newspaper, alleging all manner of wrongdoing with Mutembo Nchito in the forefront of the campaign. All the time they knew that these were blatant lies as the tribunal proved.

Sadly he did not live long enough to see this day, when his accusers are set to face the law.

Our major concern is that if yesterday’s performance is anything to go by, it is better that the Mutembo Nchito Tribunal is held in camera otherwise the exercise will degenerate into a circus intended to undermine the outcome while disparaging the presiding officers.

If allowed the  tribunal will be used as a stage for a sideshow that will drown out evidence while highlighting personalities and in the process disparaging them in a bid to destroy the  significance and importance of the matters being considered by the tribunal.

Already an impression was created yesterday that the tribunal was amiss in the manner in which proceedings had started without a formal charge sheet. The explanation proffered was obviously not accepted.

The tribunal was instead prodded to commence the sitting on the basis of media charges.  This, of course, was ridiculous because no serious tribunal will operate on the basis of online charges.

Unless managed  well, the tribunal has the potential of degenerating into a farce in which  the Bemba saying  “Ukufilila Munsenga “  will apply because neither Nchito nor M’membe have anything to lose, they have everything to gain from a flawed process which they can discredit.

Moribund ACC

As we feared the Anti-Corruption Commission will not investigate why no Zambian- owned company won a tender to publish vernacular textbooks.

 They are not even interested to know why one of the foreign-owned companies that won the tender was registered last year, soon after the tender was announced. This is one company that has won a tender over Zambian-owned companies that have been operating for years.

They want the aggrieved Zambian book publishers to complain before they can act.

Clearly time has come for serious leadership change at ACC and DEC, if the determination of President Lungu to combat corruption is to be realized.

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One Response to “Pathological hatred”

  1. Abraham Chanshi says:

    You are right there is a need to seriously looking at changing management at ACC in order for us to combat corruption. Mr.President , do not fear to effect this change just because a woman is heading this institution. If she is not tough and strong remove her.


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