CCZ counsels politicians


Politicians have a tendency of getting carried away by money and power and that it is the role of the clergy to remind them about their promises and pledges they made to the people who voted them into power, the Council of Churches in Zambia (CCZ) has said.

CCZ secretary general Suzanne Matale told the Daily Nation in an interview yesterday that the church had a role to play in order to ensure that those entrusted with power lived up to the expectations of the people.

“When you are in government, there is a tendency of getting carried away by money and power, and so, we remind them to be moderate in everything they do because that is our role to ensure that the interest of people is considered,” Reverend Matale said.

She said the church worked with people on the ground who were also affected by decisions made by those in power, whether political or otherwise, because the effects of any national decision made by those in power trickled down to the ordinary people.

“Our role is very clear. We act as a moral-conscious body to provide moral direction to the nation on behalf of the people especially those who are poor and voiceless and are unable to speak on their own,” Rev. Matale said.

She said the involvement of the church in national affairs should not be seen as a move aimed at advancing their personal interest  but that the church’s main interest was advocacy since it dealt with people on a daily basis and was well-placed to know the needs of the people on a daily basis.

“The church works with people on the ground on a daily basis and we know what they need. If we are dealing with people, who are also affected by political decisions, we have to come in and raise issues. If politics are about people, and people are affected as a result of politics, it is our duty to talk about the same things without any hesitation,” Rev Matale said.

She noted that the church should not be judged on the basis of being political but one whose role was to ensure people were represented because it understood the needs of the people better because they belonged to churches which had their interests at heart.


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