George clinic nurses condemned for abusing pregnant mothers


IT IS unacceptable for nurses  attending to ante-natal cases to behave like the infamous “alangizi” towards pregnant women seeking medical attention at various clinics especially in Lusaka.

Some women at George clinic in Matero have complained about the nurses’ attitude during antenatal care, accusing them of being  totally disrespectful.

The women told the Daily Nation that nurses at the facility have openly castigated unmarried women for being pregnant outside wedlock.

A witness described such outbursts as insulting to women who were at the clinic to seek medical attention only to be snubbed by the service providers.

“These nurses have no right to question or insult the wom on how they got pregnant when all they needed to do is provide service to all the people.

“They should be more concerned with attending to their patients’ needs and if need be, they could speak in confidence to their clients advising them on health issues, and not shout at people as if to embarrass them,” Melody Musasiwa explained.

Ms Musasiwa said it was no wonder some people, not just pregnant women, have opted to shun health facilities for home therapies because of the bad language and work attitude from the nurses and other staff at clinics.

Recent revelations from Mumbwa district in Central Province indicated that some nurses have turned away clients in the antenatal department because of the type of clothes they wore.

Ms Musasiwa said health staff should be a source of sanctuary for pregnant women to feel safe and cared for as they await the birth of their babies, but instead they were being mistreated for seeking medical care.

She said even in Lusaka, some women have opted to deliver from home because of what they termed as “high demands” by the clinic staff including the kind of chitenges and maternity clothes they should wear.

There have been reports of women abandoning medical check-ups and opting to deliver at home to avoid unnecessary provocations with nurses at public health centres.

There was no immediate comment from the Ministry of Health.

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One Response to “George clinic nurses condemned for abusing pregnant mothers”

  1. kopa says:

    Nurses do your job,it is sad that you treat your clients so stupiditly,forgetting that you are paid because of the very patients you ill treat.This is a very common trend to most of the nurses in our public hospitals.Do good unto your friends as you wish them to do unto you.


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