Bishops should not be immoral


BISHOP Simon Banda of the Covenant of Grace Church says men of God must lead an exemplary life and avoid deeds that bring the church into disrepute.

Speaking in an exclusive interview with the Daily Nation in Kabwe, Bishop Banda said stories of men of God indulging in distasteful activities have become rampant.

He said all those that were misconducting themselves were not men of God but merely hiding in the church.

“There are many stories yes of pastors doing this and pastors doing that but what I can tell you is that whoever does things that are not pleasing in the eyes of God is not a man of God and I can call such as merely using the pulpit for their personal needs,” he said.

Recently there have been stories of pastors indulging in sexual activities with their flock and other people as well as a Kabwe based pastor who was caught in an armed robbery case in Lusaka.

A pastor of a named church in Kabwe has reportedly been having sexual affairs with women who go to him for prayers.

“Firstly you must not be in a place where you are just the two of you, there must be at least a third person amongst yourselves and if it means touching some body parts as you pray, as a pastor you can even ask a female companion to touch the patient on that particular part because some parts are sensitive and not you the pastor personally doing it,” he cautioned. The bishop who has been a fountain of spiritual guidance in Kabwe also cautioned women against being desperate.  He said women must be mindful of wolves in sheepskins.

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