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EDUCATION Minister Michael Kaingu has apologized to Namwala member of Parliament Moono Lubezhi for allegedly calling her “Dorika” and dismissed media reports that he called her a “prostitute”.

Dr Kaingu said if calling Ms Lubezhi as “Dorika” was related to any insult, then it was only fair that he apologises.

“If calling Ms Lubezhi Dorika can be likened to a prostitute, then I must apologise to her because I didn’t mean that. I thought I was making a joke as we usually joke.

“If I was not associated to her as a tribal cousin, I couldn’t have reached that extent of calling her such a name. Infact she is the one who started the whole thing because I was chatting with Honorable Request Muntanga and she as well responded to our conversation,” he said.

Dr Kaingu said he did not call anyone a prostitute, saying reports linking him to such a remark against Ms Lubezhi were not true.

He said he could not say much as the case was before the Parliamentary Committee on Privileges, because the incident happened in the precinct of Parliament.

Dr Kaingu charged that some people have blown the issue out of proportion as they had a political motive.

“I never insulted Ms Lubezhi and it all started as a joke as she is my tribal cousin and it is unfortunate that there are people who just want to seek sympathy and use it as a ploy by some people who are trying to gain politically.

“I called her Dorika and it was not the first time because I heard this name in the House, and I believe it is how we relate to each other. I didn’t mean to call her such a name because of the way Dorika is related to, but that we do joke and I call her my wife and she calls me her husband, and I wouldn’t call her such if I never joked with her,” he said.

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