LCC should shut filthy Chibolya abattoirs


THE slaughtering of pigs in Lusaka’s filthy Chibolya abattoirs is a matter of great concern and the Lusaka City Council health department has been called on to shut them because they are a  health risk.

Many Lusaka residents said pigs  and goats were being  slaughtered next to pit latrines with unbelievable impunity.

One of the concerned residents Mr Pedro Musaka said even the manner the meat is transported in dirty wheelbarrows was on issue for consideration.

Mr Musaka said it would appear that the council health authorities were scared of controlling the situation because the  practice had been going for many years.

“I have witnessed the manner in which they kill animals in this compound and it is done in the most unhygienic style as pigs and goats’ are killed in filthy environment,

“Why so far serious diseases have not broken out, it is only by the mercy of the Lord because what is going in Chibolya abattoirs is not correct,” he said.

He said because the meat was cheaper compared to other outlets, it has a ready market in nearby Old Soweto and City Markets.

Another worried resident Ms Mariana Bushiku appealed to the council to quickly move in and control the situation because presently no one knows that was happening to the people who consumed the meat.

Ms Bushiku said unsuspecting consumers could already have suffered some side effects but in the absence of monitoring mechanisms it was difficult to find out exactly what was happening to them.

She too wondered why the council has not moved in to control the situation because the  issue has been going  on for many years.

“The trouble is that their meat is cheap and many people flock there to buy. Some of the meat finds its way into the nearby equally filthy restaurants at Old Soweto market.

LCC could not be immediately reached for a comment.

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