Shameless liars


BY their fruits you shall know them.

They steal documents from Government offices and from them create lies to alarm the nation and discredit their own country, in order to get even with perceived political foes. They are cold, heartless  and unconscionable individuals who do not care about the harm they cause to others for as long as their interests are served.

It is even more disgraceful that an otherwise respectable leader of the opposition, Charles Milupi, could fall prey to lies and make unguarded and careless comments about serious matters of governance.

Let this be a lesson to other politicians who talk without background.

At no time did the PTA Bank issue ultimatums against the Zambian Government, threatening to stop funding fuel imports.

This was a total fabrication, intended to accentuate the negative public opinion regarding the recent oil shortages experienced in many parts of the country. This was a typical Hitler/Goebbels-style propaganda which believes in using a small truth to propagate a big lie.

It is good that Zambians are beginning to learn the true nature and character of the people who, for 13 long years, presided over matters of State through surrogate political leaders.  Now that they have lost power and influence they enjoyed they have no qualms to lie and deprecate for as long as it serves their interests.

A combination of negative politics and unprofessional journalism pose a real threat and danger to the peace and stability of our country, because many people are still gullible. They believe every word that is written in the media and will make unguarded statements that only serve to undermine the gains that this country has made over the many years of political, economic and social transformation.

Zambia has attained major strides in consolidating economic strides from the gloomy days of the socialist paradigm that drove the country to a pariah status from which it has taken years to recover from the highly indebted status to the current status where the Kwacha is virtually convertible.

Far too many things are being taken for granted because perpetual negative media has failed to appreciate the gains and seemingly insurmountable challenges that the country has conquered.

It took painstaking effort at both political and technical level to bring Zambia to the level where multiparty democracy and the liberal economy are thriving to a level admired by many countries that have never known peaceful coexistence in diversity.

We owe a duty to ourselves to build on the gains made by worthy pathfinders who navigated the country in difficult political and economic circumstances that threatened to sink our country. The best honour we can pay to them is aspire for the best by employing the best efforts of all Zambians, instead of deprecating  and dwelling on the negative which will not bring any meaningful gain  apart from sowing seeds of doubt and negativity.

Sadly there are those who seek out negativity because they do not have it in themselves to see the best in others. These are misanthropes by nature and should be ignored because God created man in his  image and  for the greater good.

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