Parley overrules LAZ, ratifies Kalaluka

PARLIAMENT yesterday overruled objections by the Law Association of Zambia (LAZ) and unanimously ratified the appointment of Likando Kalaluka as Attorney General following his nomination by President Edgar Lungu.

The association had objected on the basis that Mr Kalaluka did not have sufficient exposure, but members of Parliament rejected the notion, stating that 11 years at the bar some of which served in the United Kingdom was more than sufficient.

Rufunsa Member of Parliament Mr Kenneth Chipungu said Mr. Kalaluka was indeed a youth with brave experience in the legal fraternity and was upright.

Mr. Chipungu said the appointee was aware of the challenges that came with the office and that he was optimistic Mr. Kalaluka would live up to expectations.

“Mr. Kalaluka indeed constitutionally qualifies to hold the position of AG. The appointee is very much aware that the position he is ascending to is critical to the promotion of good governance and the rule of law,

“In this regard, he is strongly urged to exhibit high levels of integrity, competence, and impartiality, in the execution of duties in the office,” he observed.

And contributing to the motion, Mpongwe Member of Parliament Gabriel Namulambe observed that Mr. Likando had the qualifications that were required for one to be appointed as Attorney General.

He said Mr. Kalaluka had served at the bar for 11 years, hence constitutionally, he was qualified.

Mr. Namulambe said there was nothing sinister in Mr. Kalaluka not coming from the civil service because all the Constitution required was 10 years of experience without limitation to the civil service.

He said lawyers not in the civil service had continued to win cases against Government, which he said was a clear indication of their competence. And Choma Central Member of parliament Cornelius Mweetwa was full of praise for Mr. Kalaluka whom he described as a personal friend from the university. Mr. Mweetwa however was quick to point out that the continuous trend of overlooking professionals within the civil service would demoralize those who have continued to serve Government while their colleagues were crossing over to greener pastures elsewhere.

Mr. Mweetwa implored Government to consider raising professionals within the civil service along the promotion ladder so that they were motivated.

“There are a lot of professionals who have continued to serve Government and hoping to rise along the ladder of promotion especially given that in the legal profession, it is generally known or said that those who are in private practice are actually in greener pastures than those who decide to serve Government.

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