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Fred M’membe, the Post newspaper owner, should realise that he no longer controls the governance system.

He might have duped some Presidents who allowed him a say on the governance of the country but situations have changed and things are no longer the same.

Therefore, it was foolish for Fred M’membe to term the contempt charges he is facing as foolish.

We are happy that Magistrate Kenneth Mulife made him apologise for the foolish remarks he made in court.

Fred M’membe should not think that our courts of law are manned by people who do not think and do not know their work.

Our men and women of the bench know their duties and responsibilities and if they err, they have in-built systems to make amends.

It is therefore shocking that Fred M’membe, a lawyer, can insult and show such contempt  for the court and escape with only a slap on the wrist.

It is even more surprising that before Fred M’membe met his bail conditions he was allowed to mingle with prosecutors in their office instead of waiting in the holding cell.

This arrogance, which has led to his contumelious disregard for authority, should not be allowed to continue in Zambia which is a country of laws.

Last week, President Edgar Lungu said no one is above the law and this should be seen in the administration of the justice system.

But we find it strange that the people who have over the years arraigned others often through malicious falsehood are afraid to pass through the same system they have most times “persecuted” others.

Fred M’membe and his colleagues have tried by all means to avoid appearing before court and take plea when it is a normal practice.

We wonder why they  view themselves as guilty before being found innocent when the laws of Zambia are very clear that an accused is innocent until found guilty.

Perhaps they are judging the Zambian bench by their standards.

There are so many Zambians who have been sent to the grave on mere allegations of wrongdoing.

Through his newspaper the Post, Fred M’membe has harassed and painted good men black and many have never recovered from the public shame and humiliation they suffered.

But Zambians have to break with the past and start all over again a life which makes them equal before the law.

Therefore, the Judiciary should not be scared to make Fred M’membe accountable for his misconduct just because they fear his newspaper would have the last word.

The Post newspaper owner should be allowed to sleep on the bed of thorns that he has made.

Fred M’membe does not enjoy any special immunity seeing as he is not the President of Zambia and must be censured with appropriate punishment for demeaning and insulting behaviour.

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