Stop the malice-Mpombo


POLITICIANS negatively commenting on the state of President Edgar Lungu’s health want to create an impression that the head of State is critically ill and incapable of functioning when this is to the contrary, opposition People’s Democratic Party president George Mpombo has charged.

He said those who had nothing to debate should learn to hold their tongues rather than wishing President Lungu ill-health.

In an interview, Dr. Mpombo said the growing petty criticism of President Lungu’s health was unnecessary as it was aimed at making government ungovernable.

He said the negative comments about President Lungu’s health would have a negative effect on the country’s economic development, adding that those commenting on President Lungu’s health should realise that everyone falls ill at some point and that they should not politicize the illness of the Head of State now.

Dr. Mpombo warned against blowing out of proportion the illness of President Lungu for the sake of gaining political mischief.

“Even people commenting on the matter in the manner they are doing should be ashamed to realise that they have been lined up to wish someone ill-heath. I once again say today for the second time that this issue must not be blown out of proportion in order to provide political fodder for political mischief for some people as we have seen them talking about President Lungu.  It will be sad if some people take political frenula thrill over the unfortunate development. Nobody should think otherwise. We are a Christian nation and we have to pray for President Lungu to recover. Let’s stop this habit of celebrating the illness of President Lungu, it is pure and total evil and those celebrating are evil people without conscience,” he said.

Dr. Mpombo said it was therefore important to stand up and defend President Lungu from unnecessary attacks from the enemies of the Patriotic Front whose desire was to see governance fail under his leadership.

“It is shocking that despite the President himself coming out in the open that he was unwell, some uncultured Zambians have continued attacking him to the extent of undermining his authority. Last time I talked about President Lungu’s illness I said it was evil for anyone to wish President Lungu or anybody ill health,” he said.

Dr. Mpombo said the current way of doing politics in Zambia was disuniting people at a fast rate, adding that Zambians should realise that the health of the President was not to be taken so cheaply in the manner some people were doing. He said some people were scheming to force President Lungu to step down as Head of State because of the perceived ill health.

Dr. Mpombo said all those spending time criticizing President Lungu about his health had nothing to offer the people of Zambia and should not be given power at any cost.

“They are manufacturers of petty debates which have no value to the governance of this nation. President Lungu does not run the affairs of the nation on his own. He has people he works with and if he feels that he cannot continue he knows what should be done. So don’t push him, or force him to act in a manner which is not in the best interest of the county,” he said.

Dr. Mpombo wondered why Zambians have become so heartless to lose respect and culture by priding in the illness of others.

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