Grayzer Matapa’s mum in court uproar


THE mother of murdered UPND cadre, Grayzer Matapa, yesterday caused uproar in a Lusaka Magistrates Court when she charged and accused the mother of one of the five murder suspects of smuggling charms into the courtroom to protect her son from being prosecuted and escape jail.

Meanwhile, the five suspects appeared before Principal Magistrate Aridah Chulu for reading of their charges.

Mr Matapa was brutally murdered on February 23 in Mtendere township.

Ms Eunice Matapa, shouted in court that Ms Catherine Mambwe, the mother of one of the accused had brought charms mixed with Vaseline which she allegedly wanted to pass on to her son Yapanshi Mwewa through other people.

The incident happened in Court 3 while court attendants were waiting for the senior magistrate to allocate cases to various magistrates and courtrooms.

“Why do you want to give that one Vaseline? It’s like you have brought charms here (in court) so that your son can be released,” Ms Matapa shouted at the other woman who appeared surprised.

But Ms Mambwe responded that there were no charms in the bottle she was carrying except Vaseline which she wanted to apply on her lips.

Ms Matapa, who looked devastated by the death of her son, said Ms Mambwe wanted to pass on the bottle of Vaseline mixed with charms to her son through another man, who was also attending court.

Tempers flared up in court as the two women confronted each other to the surprise of others in the court.

The near punch-up was quickly quelled by a police officer who ordered the women to shut up or face arrest.

Meanwhile, the five men appeared before Magistrate Chulu in connection with Mr Matapa’s death for reading of their charges.

The men were Billy Semani Kansenya, Moses Lungu, Maxson Phiri, Albert Mainsa and Yapanshi Mwewa.

Kansenya, Lungu, Phiri and Mwewa are charged with murder while Mainsa is charged with assisting Mwewa escape justice.

Magistrate Chulu told the accused that they would not take plea because they were charged with murder and she was waiting for instructions from the Director of Public Prosecutions as to when their matter will be referred to the High Court.

She also told Mainsa that she would inquire into whether he qualified to be given bail since he was not charged with murder. As Magistrate Chulu was reading the charges to the accused, Ms Matapa wept.

The matter was adjourned to April 1 for mention.

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