Nalumango upsets clergy


OPPOSITION UPND is being heartless and should not delight in President Edgar Lungu’s illness, says Evangelical Youth Alliance International president Reverend Moses Lungu has said.

Rev. Lungu said he was shocked that after wishing President Lungu a quick recovery and a good health when he was hospitalized in South Africa, the UPND leadership have joined a team of people who were attacking the Head of State over his health. He said the recent comments and attacks on President Lungu by former Deputy Speaker of the National Assembly Mutale Nalumango were not only shocking but inhuman and  total abuse of the Head of State.

“The UPND is extremely bitter and these comments and attacks are annoying. It is time Madam Nalumango learnt that it is wrong to look down on others. There is nowhere where it is written that equality means looking down on men,” said Rev. Lungu.

He wondered how Ms. Nalumango and the UPND would lead the nation if they did not respect the people of Zambia, adding that the attacks on President Lungu was unfair and uncalled for, especially that Ms. Nalumango was not only a mother but a person who was at the helm of a political party seeking leadership of the country.

“By now Ms. Nalumango should know that the one she looks down upon is Republican President and she should respect President Lungu as much as she is to respect HH. Why do we have women in politics who shed off our cultural values and what precedent are they setting before the young ladies,” wondered Rev. Lungu.

He said it was not Ms. Nalumango alone who had taken a rough path against President Lungu but the FDD president Edith Nawakwi who had been on record attacking President Lungu’s health after he was hospitalized in South Africa.

The clergyman challenged both Ms. Nawakwi and Ms. Nalumango to explain to the nation their contribution in the governance of the country apart from insulting leaders elected by the people of Zambia.

“Ms. Nawakwi and Ms. Nalumango should leave President Lungu out of their cheap politics, have you ever told anybody about your health? I challenge both Ms. Nawakwi and Ms. Nalumango to tell the nation about their health rather than ply insults on President Lungu in the manner they are doing. The President did not hide that he was unwell,” said Rev. Lungu.

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