Forget the devils

PRESIDENT Edgar Lungu should stop listening and responding to misanthropes, sociopaths and indeed sick people who have nothing to add to this country apart from spreading hatred.

They  are daily preoccupied with the speck in other people’s eyes. Their reward and hell storm is yet to come, but come it will.

President Lungu must know that these people will  never change and will not accept being removed from the comfort zone they have enjoyed for years, persecuting and maligning people, destroying characters and pointing accusing fingers while they wallowed in corruption, stealing public funds and reaping from where they did not sow.

It will be a very big mistake for the President to pay attention to such people because they sap energy and plant a seed of demoralization.

The President must now seriously study the oil crisis.

The genesis is the Trafigura oil contract which Wynter Kabimba must know about because he was in office when the contract was signed.

He was not only involved but actually went on to establish an oil distribution company with two foreign partners. All this happened after his stint at the helm of the energy procurement system. This must be investigated.

Zambians should remember that Mr Wynter Kabimba was summoned over the oil supply allegations when he was Minister of Justice but unfortunately Zambia were denied an opportunity to known his role because he disrespected the Anti- Corruption Commission officials.

Zambia has just experienced a week-long fuel shortage but out of this economic sabotage, there seem not to be concrete direction to establish what went wrong.

For starters, President Lungu called for an investigation but any follow up to establish what is happening at the Ministry of Energy has received little attention.

 Our thinking is that the controlling officers should have moved with speed to establish the officials involved in short changing Zambia during the transition period after President Michael Sata died in October last year in London.

To avoid any misrepresentation, these were President Lungu’s orders among others on the oil “crisis”.

• Ordered that a short-term intervention to secure immediate supply be put in place as the President examines other options including a criminal inquiry into the current supply disruption. The President is already taking administrative action to address the current problems.

• President Lungu is not satisfied with the status quo and explanations given by a range of stakeholders in the fuel supply chain;

• President Lungu has noted that some individuals have deliberately worked to sabotage fuel supply for purposes of financial and political gain and he has therefore taken charge of the matter and will involve all the necessary Government departments and agencies to bring about a definitive end to the recurrent fuel shortage the country experiences.

• The President regrets that during the transition following the death of His Excellency Mr Michael C. Sata, some individuals conspired to fix the price of fuel at higher prices than what was obtaining on the market. Criminal and administrative proceedings will take effect accordingly;

• The President has warned that he has taken note of schemes by some people to disrupt supply chain of essential commodities so that they can profit from the ensuing crisis, stating that Government agencies have been ordered to check and report to him on a daily basis proceedings around these essential commodities.

These are some of the orders of the President on the fuel challenges being experienced.

Therefore, we did not expect Government officials to treat the findings and consequent directives over the fuel crisis lightly.

Wynter Kabimba must not divert people’s attention to years before the Patriotic Front when allegations of his involvement were made only two years ago. That should be the starting point.

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