Shameless cynics


We do not know what the cynics expected from President Edgar Lungu’s health challenges but judging from their comments in public domain, it is beyond doubt that they expected that the diagnosis and the prognosis would be bleak.

We say this because even when there has been a level of openness between State House and Zambians over the health challenges the President has faced, the cynics have doubted every word coming from the Head of State and his team.

Just because they have been used to seeing black, they want to insist on black when presented with white.

For the pessimists, they see impossibilities in the Head of State opening up to Zambians about his state of health.

President Lungu has been clear from the beginning that coming from a situation where  Zambians had lost two sitting heads of State, it was important for him to be open about his health. 

Currently, no Zambian can argue against the fact that when President Lungu felt unwell during the Women’s Day celebration, he did announce this publicly and left the proceedings.

When he was admitted to Maina Soko Military Hospital, it was an open secret that Mr Lungu spent a night at the medical facility.

It was also not a secret when President Lungu’s medical team recommended specialist treatment abroad and he did travel to South Africa.

While we cannot blame the cynics because of the events which happened before President Edgar Lungu entered State House, we believe there is always time for people to change.

It must be noted that different tenants handle their occupancy agreement with different skills and this seems to be proving so with President Lungu in State House.

This is the reason why we are saying that while the old order of managing the head of State was coated with secrecy, the openness with which President Lungu has decided to handle State affairs and his own health has been open.

But the negative scrutiny which President Lungu is being subjected to is totally unnecessary as it borders on violation of his privacy and distortion of facts as cynics are busy shooting from all angles even after the presidential medical team had issued statements pertaining to the Head of State’s health challenges.

We urge Zambians to appreciate the level of openness which President Lungu’s handlers are promoting to avoid a regime of secrecy in future heads of State.

What cynics and those commenting on the health challenges of President Lungu should be mindful of is that heads of State have families which would not like to read embarrassing statements, especially false ones, about their own.

It is even more painful among family members for anybody to suggest their relative is about to meet their creator.






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