Politics of Hypocrisy


What has changed?

On June 5th 2012 police clashed with UPND cadres who were demanding the resignation of Mutembo Nchito on account of the irregularly sourced loan of K14bn.

They had a petition signed by the UPND secretariat to express their concern that Government was protecting Mutembo Nchito and his business partner Fred M’membe.

The entire UPND team in Parliament opposed the appointment of Mutembo Nchito as UPND because he was carrying too much baggage.  Mutembo went through because of the in-built PF majority.  What has changed?

Today, the UPND is supporting Mutembo Nchito.

The UPND should be under no illusion that their newly-found newspaper friend will support them in 2016.  The writing is on the wall as to who the cartel is propagating and HH should not deceive himself and believe that they will ever support him.

If HH knew better, he is better off without the cartel, because this time around everyone they support is as hated by the public as the cartel itself.  The candidate the cartel is grooming for office is doomed for serious failure in his political career.  He lost the favour of President Sata and that of the party rank and file for dining and wining with the cartel.

It is the apparent support of the cartel which cost Guy Scott and those he was supporting to take over from Edgar Lungu.

Barely a few months ago, a sitting president, namely Michael Chilufya Sata died, in circumstances that have not been explained.  Bishop John Mambo, Fr. Luonde and indeed APNAC Chairman Cornelius Mweetwa, never once questioned what ailed the president.  Even their strongest supporters hid from the Zambian people the true extent of the illness of the president.

We were the only newspaper that stood shoulder to shoulder with UPND cadres in the matter of Mutembo Nchito.

A few months ago we questioned the scam in the oil procurement scandal.  We demanded an investigation in the Trafigura deal and in this we were supported by all opposition.  But today tables have turned.  The culprits have become the heroes.  What hypocrisy is this?

We were the only newspaper that stood shoulder to shoulder with Brebner Changala demanding to know the ailment that had incapacitated President Sata.

So pronounced were we that one Judge called Brebner Changala a busy body and called us rumour mongerers.

History has since vindicated us because the President, may his soul rest in peace, has left us, leaving a big mystery about his illness.

Today we have a President in Edgar Lungu, who has been open and transparent in articulating his illness.  We know exactly what is ailing him and yet Bishop John Mambo, Fr. Richard  Luonde and the rest must question him, disregarding totally the medical briefs that must at all times be authorized by doctors who have taken the Hippocratic oath.

Obviously some of the commentators must have taken the hypocrisy oath because no sane person would make such a huge U-turn on such very important matters.

How can APNAC chairman Cornelius Mweetwa, question three former Chief Justices of this country on account of Mutembo Nchito who, with his partner Fred M’membe, hounded out former DPP Mukelabai Mukelabai from office on contrived charges which a tribunal proved to be totally untrue and fabricated.

Today Mweetwa and his colleagues must tell us that the tribunal of these eminent persons is not suitable, that the tribunal is a witch hunt.What hypocrisy.

Only a few months ago the Post called the UPND a ‘‘Bantustan party’’ with no national appeal. We stood by them and insisted that UPND was just as good as if not better than PF.  Today they will side with the same people that disparaged them as nonentities and losers.

This is the height of hypocrisy.



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