Mujajati canes doctors discussing Lungu’s health


The Zambia Medical Association (ZMA) has rebuked some medical doctors who are publicly discussing President Edgar Lungu’s state of health when  it was against professionalism.

And some Patriotic Front members say it is baffling that Bishop John Mambo, a man of a God could doubt the recommendations of a combined team of medical doctors from South Africa and Zambia certifying President Edgar Lungu fit to perform his functions and insinuate that the Head of State is incapable of presiding over national affairs.

ZMA president Aaron Mujajati said it was disheartening to see doctors, especially those who have joined politics disrespecting the profession by making public comments on the medical conduction of President Edgar Lungu.

Dr Mujajati condemned members of the association who were in politics for seeking capital out of a development that could happen to anybody, and not just the Head of State.

“Recently, some members of the medical fraternity have commented on the President’s health publicly. We wish to remind our members that they are doctors first before they are politicians.

“All medical doctors know for a fact that we are not permitted to comment publicly about a patient that is not under one’s care and even if that were the case, written consent from the patient was required,” Dr. Mujajati said.

He said as a body that represents medical practitioners in the country, ZMA has committed to providing moral support to the President and his medical team during the recent medical evacuation to South Africa.

He said even for that, they were not in a position to comment about President Lungu’s health because they were not directly looking after the Head of State.

Dr Mujajati said it was no wonder they have not touched the President’s condition but instead would speak about his mood as having been “in good spirits when the association visited him in a South African hospital on Saturday.” And some Patriotic Front members say it was baffling that Bishop John Mambo could doubt the recommendations of a combined team of medical doctors from South Africa and Zambia certifying President Edgar Lungu fit.

Paradius Sakala has said it was shocking that Bishop Mambo, the president of Chikondi Foundation could refuse to believe what the doctors handling President Lungu had recommended when he was the man preaching about faith in his synagogue. Mr Sakala said it was sacrilegious for Bishop Mambo to insinuate that the Head of State was not well to continue with his presidential duties and demanded that the bishop should tell Zambians what he was expecting from President Lungu’s illness last week.

He said Bishop Mambo was supposed to rejoice and be happy with the news that President Lungu was well and capable of performing his functions but that it was disheartening that he was spiritually not convinced that the Head of State was in good health.

He wondered what kind of Christian values Bishop Mambo was promoting by wishing President Lungu ill health, stating that Zambia as a Christian nation should preach love and pray for the healing of those who were afflicted by diseases.

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