Ban on ex-MMD leaders regalia ‘unacceptable’


IT is unacceptable for MMD president Nevers Mumba to direct MMD members not to wear party materials with the portrait of former president Rupiah Banda, MMD expelled Lusaka Province chairman Watson Mtonga has said.

He said Dr. Mumba and his supporters would not take the MMD anywhere apart from the political grave where the former ruling party was headed for by his leadership.

“I want to offer a timely warning to Dr. Mumba and a few people still with him that the time to change is now by joining a winning team. If you think Dr. Mumba will deliver the MMD to victory you should be ready to perish together with him,” said Mr. Mtonga.

He reminded Dr. Mumba that the MMD has had four presidents elected at various conventions to take over the leadership and their materials such as Chitenge, T-shirts and other things were and are still being used by party officials.

Mr Mtonga said Dr. Mumba and his group should learn a lesson from the just ended presidential election results where he came out number five.

“Dr. Mumba should realise that he has destroyed the MMD and if he thinks that by getting rid of materials for former presidents he will build his image, he is just sinking together with the MMD.

“Not our MMD, the double sim MMD. We have told him to join and support the agenda of the double sim MMD but he is refusing,” said Mr. Mtonga.

Mr. Mtonga also warned the party leadership to worry over its depleted fortunes caused by the failure by the party leadership to take action against Bowman Lusambo who had allegedly createded divisions in the party.

“Lusambo insults everyone in the party who is not agreeing with Dr. Mumba. He doesn’t care whether that person is old or not. We know what is happening in the MMD of Dr. Mumba and they will not go anywhere,” he said.

Mr. Mtonga said Dr. Mumba should also read the writing on the wall about the future of the MMD under his leadership, adding that the withdrawal of the party to contest in the forthcoming by-elections was a clear sign that Dr. Mumba had failed to run the former ruling party.

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