Kabimba links oil shortage to corruption


The shortage of fuel in the country has been caused by corruption which the Patriotic Front (PF) Government has no political will to end corruption, Rainbow Party president Wynter Kabimba has said.

But Energy minister Christopher Yaluma said he will not comment on Mr Kabimba’s accusations which were his opinion.

“If Mr Kabimba has accused us of being corrupt in the oil industry that is his opinion and I cannot comment on his opinion,” he said.

Mr Yaluma however maintained that the fuels shortage which had characterized the country was just a temporarily disruption in supply line.

He said Government has directed Energy Regulation Board to carry out snap surveys at Oil Marketing Companies as well as filling stations and bring to book those who may be unnecessarily hoarding fuel.

But Mr Kabimba charged that some PF officials were beneficiaries in the irregularities, which had become prevalent in Zambia’s oil industry.

Mr Kabimba told Daily Nation that the problems of fuel, which has characterized  the country was discovered when he chaired the Energy Regulation Board Commission of inquiry in 2012 to 2013.

He said his commission of inquiry revealed a lot of irregularities in the oil industry in Zambia starting from issues of procurement and the tender processes.

He said the issue of middlemen in procuring fuel was identified as the biggest problem in the oil industry in Zambia and wondered why the PF Government had developed cold feet in addressing the oil challenges.

“It is because many of them have become beneficiaries in the same pitfalls and irregularities, which are, prevalent in the oil industry. There is a lot of corruption relating to oil procurement,”

Mr Kabimba said it was clear for him that the only reason why the PF had not taken steps to deal with the issues that were identified at that time was because those that were involved have been acting by the culture of corruption.

He said it would take another Government to move away from that culture of corruption to deal with the current situation, which he described as the major problem, adding that what was at the core of the fuel problem was corruption and that cancer must be dealt with.

“There is no political will in PF Government to do it, like I have said the PF has been befallen by the culture of corruption. The same culture that we condemned in the MMD?” Mr Kabimba said.

Mr Kabimba alleged that the alliance was coming from their commonalities between the MMD and the PF.

“We identified these problems when there was still MMD so it surprises me that now there is an alliance between the corruption we condemned and those that condemned that corruption,” he said.


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