Judiciary needs cleansing


PRESIDENT Edgar Lungu should cleanse the judiciary to restore the integrity and public confidence that people had in the justice system, Evangelical Youth Alliance International president Reverend Moses Lungu has said.

And All People’s Congress (APC) president Nason Msoni said judicial reforms were essential and must start in earnest if the judiciary was to save face and continue to command and win public confidence.

In an interview yesterday, Rev. Lungu said what was happening in the judiciary and in particular what happened in the matter of the suspended Director of Public Prosecutions Mutembo Nchito was just one of the many instances where some powerful lawyers and judges connive to defeat justice.

He said the Head of State should now work towards genuine reforms in the judiciary by starting to cleanse the institution of justice.

“President Lungu should cleanse the judiciary and this is what the people of Zambia are waiting to see. Zambians are now wondering and want to understand if at all some judges can be impartial Judges in matters involving those perceived to be against suspended DPP Mutembo Nchito and their business or political allies and this is the duty for President Lungu to deal with now and not another date. He has to work towards this and cleanse the entire judiciary,” he said.

And Mr. Msoni said any judicial reforms that would preclude the cleansing process of the benches at all levels of the structure of the judiciary would have tragically failed the test.

“It is no longer a secret that the institution is dangerously divided in terms of its own institutional loyalty and discipline as a stand alone institution and separate arm of Government responsible for dispensing equitable justice. It is plausible in all fairness to state that the institution is pulling in different directions,” said Mr. Msoni. He said implausible decisions and determinations coming out from the judiciary continue to annoy and shock people as they appear to contradict the very essence of legality.  “By all means something urgent ought to be done quickly before the whole relevance of the judiciary is brought into serious question.

‘‘At some point we expect to see some kind of internal mechanisms of accountability to some of those absurd and adverse and shocking decisions been made by some Judges. Judges are bankrolled by tax-payers.’’ he said


s and tax-payers therefore demand and expect to see value for money being spent on paying them heft salaries. We also think that the Judiciary must at all times recuse themselves from meddling in political issues,” he said.

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