FAZ is dead,says Simata


THE Football Association of Zambia (FAZ) should resurrect from the dead if national soccer teams are to start performing well at their respective African engagements, says veteran sports administrator Simata Simata.

Simaata claimed in an interview yesterday that FAZ was practically dead hence the poor performance of both Senior and Junior Chipolopolo teams.

He attributed the poor performance of the national teams to lack of a proper fixed football youth programme to act as a nursery.

“FAZ should resurrect from the dead. They are not sleeping but dead and my fear is that if a proper youth program is not put in place Zambia will never qualify to the World Cup,” he said.

Simata suggested that FAZ should let another association handle their youth teams if they have too much work load.

“FAZ should hand over the youth teams to another association because they have failed to fix a youth program,” he said.

He said blame should not be heaped on players but the football mother body that has not done much to develop the sport.

Simata said Zambian expectations from the Under 20 and 17 were too high stating that qualifying on its own was a huge achievement.

“How do you expect the Under 20 or 17 to be contenders of the Africa Championship when these teams have been dormant,”Simata said.

“Qualifying to these tournaments was a marvelous achievement on its own looking at the background these teams are from, they do not play football till there is a tournament coming,” he said.

Simata added that nothing much should be expected from the Under-23 that are preparing for All-Africa Games qualifiers.

“When last did we hear about the Under-23? About five or six years ago and now they are preparing for a tournament .It is sad,” he said.

“We now have Fighton Simukonda trying to assemble an Under -23 team that has not been active for a long time,” he said.

All teams that have participated in Africa championships were booted out in the first round.

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