See, judge and act


Everything happens for a reason.

Outrageous judicial decisions, fuel crisis and incessant attacks on the President are all happening for a purpose. As a nation we are challenged to discern beyond the event to the purpose.

They are meant to shake us out of our complacency, to realize that there are those among us who do not mean well. There are those who do not only wish the nation ill but are actively promoting anarchy, dissent and ill will for the country.

For the first time, Zambians are learning of the President’s health in regular medical bulletins compiled by experts, but skeptics continue to provide their own versions, suggesting that the President is to be evacuated to Pakistan or indeed that he has indicated an intention of stepping down from office.

It has taken the President himself to dispel these hurtful and callous allusions.

He was not surprised by the ferocity of attacks but promised to take them in his strides, but the medical fraternity has rightfully expressed concern by the deliberate manner in which the President’s medical condition has been twisted to suit specific intentions.

Zambia Medical Association president Aaron Mujajati has implored citizens to take heed of the expert information from medical doctors rather than from  elements that would rather project  their own jaundice perception.

It is ironic that these same cynics failed to do the honourable thing at  the height of late President   Michael Sata’s illness.

At that time they insisted President Sata was  enjoying good health and was at work. To prove the point they proceeded to publish pictures of the President in office  hard at work..

This  singular act of deception was cruel and ill-motivated because subsequent developments exposed the subterfuge.

It is not unreasonable nor is it far-fetched that  an insidious link has been made between the failed attempts to wrestle power at the  weakest point of Mr. Sata’s health and the wealth being flaunted  today, seemingly  accrued from corrupt oil deals- hence the link to the current fuel crisis.

The Patriotic Front (PF) Government must expeditiously scrutinize the fuel procurement chain and eliminate any perception of market manipulation by introducing a transparent and accountable system. The very logistics of importing commingled and processed fuel stock should also be evaluated in the light of economic and political benefit.

At the moment the largest bulk supplier of bulk fuel are Dalbit and Trafigura. It is common knowledge that Trafigura has the most expansive network of outlets held through Puma service stations which it also owns. This arrangement is certainly not healthy. The Government should diversify sources of procurement and ensure that more dealers are involved in the distribution of fuel.

It is quite possible that Trafigura working through Puma mean very well for the country, but it is also undeniable that any one company may face operational challenges that may impede the smooth and efficient distribution of fuel which could result in a national shutdown.

The more sources of fuel and the more distribution outlets spread among many enterprises the better for the country. The virtual monopoly position we are facing today may not serve the best interests of the country.

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