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We hope the tribunal investigating suspended Mutembo Nchito will go as far back as 2001 when he, together with Post newspaper editor Fred Mmembe, hounded out the then incumbent DPP Mukelabai Mukelabai.

This genesis is critical to understanding how the national ethos was hijacked.

Since then those who thrive in the cesspool of human depravity set an agenda that has haunted this country by denigrating vital national projects to dwell on personalities and their perceived wrong- doing.

This agenda has resulted in Zambia earning a totally unacceptable and unjustified appellation as a corrupt country led by corrupt leaders.

As it now transpires those who stood on the pedestal of morality as paragons of virtue were simply playing on the minds of Zambian people as they amassed wealth though fraudulent schemes and huge payouts from sequestrated properties held by the Bank of Zambia and other institutions.

They used the cover of the campaign against corruption to undertake malicious and criminal prosecutions against individuals some of whom have sadly lost their lives. It is vital that the tribunal investigates this and many other abuses of law that have worked against the development of this country.  For example, until 2001 Zambia’s record at economic diversification through the development of non-traditional exports was next to none.

The development of quality housing projects also suffered because of unfounded and ill-timed speculation.

It is therefore imperative that the country must once again reassert its course in order to create a new “ontology” or reality that befits us as a Third World country that is grappling with challenges that are beyond human character.

This does not mean abandoning the fight against graft, it simply means setting national priorities correctly and ensuring that national resources are applied to areas that will achieve maximum benefit. In particular it also means that development efforts and initiatives in the various spheres will be given due recognition and that Zambia will once again develop a crop of heroes that contribute to national development.

Zambians must learn from the last 13 years that power can be hijacked by unscrupulous individuals who perpetrate an agenda that eclipses national aspirations to champion selective retribution against individuals and personalities that either appear to excel or are seen to contribute positively to the national good.

In particular Zambians must learn a lesson to ensure that there is a very clear separation in powers between Judiciary, Executive and Legislature which division became totally blurred as the cartel held sway and appointed officers sympathetic to their cause in all the three divisions.

We seriously implore President Edgar Lungu to work expeditiously and dismantle all the vestiges and plants created by the cartel.

Unless this is done the gains made towards democracy will be reversed.

It is our hope that as many Zambians as possible will testify in this tribunal in order to cleanse this country and provide the requisite catharsis that will assist us set a new course towards national unity, cohesion and development.



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