Women’s day


We note the excitement that grips our women when they are appointed to positions of authority in our governance system.

In the past, even more recently the womenfolk would praise the appointing authority for recognising them and appointing them to top decision making positions.

When Inonge Wina was appointed Vice President of Zambia by President Edgar Lungu, the women were on cloud nine celebrating the appointment of a female as number two in the country.

They have also been celebrating the appointment of Irene Mambilima as Chief Justice of Zambia

Fifty years after Independence, there is no need for Zambian women to be waiting for appointments to various governance positions.

This is the time for women to empower themselves and appoint each other to governance positions.

To do this the women should take stock of the history of their colleagues and how they have climbed to the top.

The women who have excelled to top positions in Government have not been the type who wait until they are spoon fed by male counterparts.

They strive to make a difference in their work and contribution to team work.

If one looks at madam Wina, keen followers of Zambian politics will give her accolades for the way she managed the Patriotic Front after the death of President Michael Sata in October last year.

When everybody thought Madam Wina would not manage to control the infighting  in the PF because of her gender, she shocked the country with her tough stance on the goings on in the ruling party and the ability to steer her party to victory.

But her political performance was not the only credential which elevated Madam Wina to the Vice President position.

As member of Parliament, which she won through an election, she has the necessary qualification to hold the office of number two in the land.

In the case of Justice Mambilima, she has risen through the ranks to become Chief Justice of Zambia.

Apart from being deputy Chief Justice before her current appointment, Justice Mambilima was chairperson of the Electoral Commission of Zambia where she performed to the expectation of political players.

She did not allow the acrimony, finger pointing and the accusation of corruption intimidate her

These are the attributes that are worth emulating for those who aspire to lead others in the governance system.

As we have said, women should show that given an opportunity, they have the right credentials to lead others.

Zambian women should not only applaud when they land top Government positions but also aspire to lead political parties and other private organisations.

Doing this will make the women’s day celebrations much more meaningful.

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