New project monitoring methods devised


STATE House has devised a new way of monitoring projects to make sure that there is effective service delivery.

Speaking yesterday when he toured the Paul Mushindo and Robert Makasa University in Chinsali, Muchinga Province, special assistant to the President for Project Implementation and Monitoring, Lucky Mulusa, who is inspecting projects in the region ,said State House would be able to know within two weeks if a contractor abandoned the project. “Time is over when it could take two years for Government to know that a contractor has abandoned the construction site. We will now be using district commissioners to be giving us reports every two weeks,” Mr Mulusa said. he. Government would employ what he called ” a millitant approach” in the monitoring and implementation of Government projects.

Meanwhile, Education Minister Michael Kaingu who also toured the two institutions said he was of the view that Government should divert resources allocated for the Paul Mushindu University to Robert Makasa University which was almost complete.

Dr. Kaingu said this after discovering that only 10 incomplete houses had been erected at Paul Mushindu University while the Robert Makasa university was almost complete.

Meanwhile, Muchinga Province Minister Mwimba Malama said the region urgently needed one University to be completed.

Mr. Mulusa is also expected to tour the Isoka-Nakonde road where many motorists have expressed disappointment at the poor state of the road.

Dr. Kaingu also expressed disappointment at the attitude of some Zambian contractors whom he said while cried for contracts, most of them did not perform.

IT is shocking that Mutembo Nchito, the embattled Director of Public Prosecutions (DPP) could resort to extorting money from Newton Ng’uni and his lawyers by claiming damages after abusing the authority of his office by entering a nolle prosequi in his own favour in an array of offenses including forgery and fraud, the Zambian Voice has charged.

Zambian Voice executive officer Chilufya said he was dismayed that Mr Nchito was dragged to court on several charges, some of which were criminal and could therefore acquit himself and letter claim damages from the complainant and his lawyers, Makebi Zulu, Keith Mweemba and Gilbert Phiri.

Mr Tayali said Mr Nchito who could not be sued should have been the last person to victimize citizens by taking them to court and demanding that they should pay him for asking him to clear his name over the offenses he has been accused of having committed with impunity.

Mr Tayali said Mr Nchito’s demand of K6 million from the quartet was imbued with malice following his arrest and his subsequent embarrassing moments in the dock at the magistrates court.

He said the financial demands by Mr Nchito was a clear indication that the DPP was disgraced and had resorted to extortion in his desperate actions to save his name which had completely been damaged by his scandals and transgressions. Mr Tayali wondered how Mr Nchito could use his office to acquit himself from his crimes and later demand that he should be paid when Zambians were heavily offended by his continued stay in the office of the DPP with his tattered credibility.

He said Mr Nchito should have resigned from his position as DPP before suing Mr Ng’uni, Mr Zulu, Mr Mweemba and Mr Phiri because his action could be reasonably be construed that he had a vendetta against the quartet.

“Mr Nchito’s action to demand for damages in monetary form from Mr Ng’uni and his three lawyers after acquitting himself is causing confusion in the judiciary. Mr Nchito claims he cannot be prosecuted because of the office he is holding but he is using the same office to sue and prosecute citizens. We are appealing to President Lungu yet again to immediately suspend Mr Nchito because his actions are completely at variance with the legal logic,” Mr Tayali said.

He said since Mr Nchito had decided to extort money from Mr Ng’uni and his lawyers, Zambians should rise and demand that he (Nchito) and his business partner Fred M’membe and Nchima Nchito should settle the k14 billion Development Bank of Zambia (DBZ) loan the trio obtained by fraudulent misrepresentation.


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